Stories are how we create a connection with our ideal client. They’re the window into our business and personal life that give our ideal client the opportunity to see what we’re really like and the vision of what it’d be like working with us.

Story telling doesn’t have to be fancy. And it doesn’t have to always be about overcoming adversity or be inspirational. Our ideal client will be able to see themselves reflected in the stories of our everyday lives.

As Connect is the first phase in the client journey, it’s important that your content does it’s job to draw in your ideal client. In this phase your ideal client has just become aware of you. This is the getting-to-know-you phase where you have the opportunity to start meaningful conversations.

So, here’s four ways that you can use stories to connect with your ideal client, so that they go on to subscribe to your email list where you can then nurture and convert them.

Where it all started

How did the dream begin? There’s always a story (or two) to tell about why you started your business. Usually it’ll be around a gap that you saw in the market or a drive to fulfil your purpose. It may’ve come about due to a family situation or a driving force to solve a problem for someone you know.

Whatever it is, let your audience know about it. You don’t need to give them the entire 30 minute version, but break it down into smaller pieces. Use bits in your email marketing or different parts in your social media posts.

When your ideal client learns about your driving force, or ‘why’, it’ll give them every opportunity to get to know you a little better.

Everyday adventures

What are the things that happen in your everyday life that your ideal client might be able to relate to? Depending on who your audience is, it may be the crazy thing that you did for your child that day (check out this post in The Content Project for an example!). Or it could be how you enjoyed a hobby or a passion of yours. It may even be the embarrassing moment that happened to you whilst you were walking the dog.

When you can share a learning or meaning from an everyday experience, it helps your ideal client to resonate with you and potentially see themselves within that story too.

Your brand (and personal) values and core beliefs

In my opinion, this is one of the most important stories to tell in your business. When it’s just you, or a small team, your business values and beliefs will be the same as your personal ones.

It’s these stories that draw in your ideal client to give them a very clear idea of what you stand for, and what you don’t. If you think about the people that you follow on social media that you most admire, or the last purchase you made from an online service provider, what was it that drew you to them?

It’s the same thing that draws or repels people in social situations. You get along better with those people that share the same ideals as yourself. By letting your ideal client know what yours are, you give them that all important reason to start the client journey with you.


Last, but not least, letting your ideal client know about your expertise and your own journey will give them a greater understanding of what experiences have shaped you to be the person you are today and how you can help them in their own transformative experience.

These four types of stories can be woven through all of the content you create – whether it’s blogs, podcasts, videos, social media or emails where you’re specifically focusing on creating content that connects.

If you’d like to know more about how to use content in your business that feels easy and aligned with who you are, then come and join our growing community inside The Content Effect. Women with service based businesses are coming together with the right support, resources and community to make a significant impact on how they view and create content for their growing business.

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