The word aligned gets thrown around a lot these days, whether it’s about your business, marketing, life, purpose. But what does it actually MEAN to create aligned content?

It can actually mean different things to different people but The Oxford dictionary defines it as an “Arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions”.

Our business journey is far from a straight line, so I think that the reference to relative positions is far more relevant to us.

Aligned content is at the core of our messaging so we need to make sure that we’re bringing it to our business consistently. Here’s four reasons why you need to make sure that you are creating aligned content.

Feels right for you

When you are clear on what you believe in, what you stand for and what values you bring to your business, everything falls into place easier and quicker. And when this happens, you’ll notice more ease slipping into your life.

If we don’t have to struggle or fight against what we really want to say, content creation seems less of a burden, and more of a joy.

Speaks to the heart and head of your ideal client

When our content feels right to share, it’s going to reach our ideal client with more clarity. And more clarity means more aligned followers and more sales!

Yes, your aligned content may repel some people, but that’s an entirely fabulous thing that should be celebrated. The energy amongst your community will grow exponentially when you only have people who love your message.

Not everyone loves my message that sales funnels suck and that the client journey is a more connected, relationship based approach to taking your ideal client from not knowing anything about you all the way to becoming a raving fan. And that’s ok! I know that people who do resonate with this message are more likely to be loyal, aligned community members.

(If you need help connecting with your ideal client, try my Un-boring Ideal Client Avatar Workbook)

Move your ideal client faster through the client journey

If we need to move our ideal client from not knowing anything about us to becoming a raving fan, then the faster that we can do this (with aligned content), the faster the conversion will happen for you.

(Make sure that you download The Content Roadmap for the exact type of content that you need to create at each stage of the client journey)

Easier business journey for you

Most importantly, aligned content means that it feels right for you AND your ideal client. Imagine what that would feel like – a weight off your shoulders, a deep breath and less pressure knowing that this whole journey is going to feel lighter and easier for you.

The more that you give yourself the permission to create aligned content and share it consistently, the more confident you’ll become and the more you’ll want to share it even more often!

If aligned content is something that resonates with you, then come and join us in The Content Project – a small space in the Facebook world that’s full of heart lead women just like you.


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