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How to use blogs in your sales funnel

How to use blogs in your sales funnel

A sales funnel describes how a client moves through the purchase process with you. This is from their first introduction to you (usually via a free or very low cost offering) through to the purchase of your star (most expensive) product or service. As the funnel...

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Sales funnel basics

Sales funnel basics

It’s a juicy topic this week. I could write a whole essay on sales funnels as I’ve been doing a fair bit of research recently into refining my own. This week we are going to stick with the basics of what it is, and why you should have one in place for your business....

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The year in review – 2017

The year in review – 2017

This time last year I wrote about making sure that you stop and celebrate your successes - to make sure that you sit back and congratulate yourself on all that you have achieved during the year. This year I decided to make the year in review a bit more personal and...

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Eliza Ludwig

Bread Budgeting Services

I've been using Mel for blog and email writing for years now. My business would not survive without her. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Allison Greenland

Leap Into Literacy

Wow, just wow...I cannot recommend Mel highly enough! I was a complete amateur with sales funnels before working with Mel, but she has walked me through every step of the way so that I have come out with a clear understanding of the process.

Margery Hellman

Yoga Feldenkrais Therapeutics

Mel is highly professional and personable and knows how to efficiently and effectively work with marketing your business.  I would recommend her services to anyone needing support and ideas for getting the word out about their business in a practical and cost effective way.

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