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Marketing and branding

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Sarah’s special offer for you as part of this collaboration is a Tune Up & Tips Package with a BONUS sharper brand benefit statement for just $480 +GST. 


Included in this package is:

  • an audit of all of your owned, bought and earned media

  • review every brand touch point (including your website, client comms, social media, search marketing, advertising, packaging etc)

  • proposed action plan with practical, cost effective recommendations, ideas and suggestions to take your Marketing to the next level

To find out more jump over to BlueFish Marketing  or email Sarah at sarah@bluefishmarketing.com.au.

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Janie head shot 2016.jpg

If you’re ready to take a jump into marketing to make it work for you during your time of growth, take a look at Jane’s, The DIY Marketing (with a Mentor) Program


You will learn the fundamentals of marketing and the skills to employ the tactics to bring in sales while feeling fully supported through fortnightly live calls and an exclusive VIP Facebook Group.

Jane is taking $100 off her DIY Marketing (with a Mentor) Program (woo hoo!). All you need to do is use the coupon code 'goals2019' at the check out.


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Jane McKay Communications

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If you’ve been thinking about upping your personal branding and you live in Sydney, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! Matthew is offering their "30 Days of Content'* package for just $295 instead of our usual $450. It includes 1 hour of photography and a minimum of 30 images for you to use for social media content in relation to your business. (T&Cs apply)

Contact Matthew here: https://fancyboyphotography.com.au/contact-us/

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Jessica Osborn Marketing Coach headshot

Jessica has some fab resources to share with you as well. The Ultimate Customer Avatar Worksheet - learn what you really need to know about your ideal customer so you can talk to them like you're reading their mind! This detailed worksheet takes you through 35 questions to understand the opinions, beliefs and limiting factors your customers are experiencing, and how to move them through the buyer's journey.

And if you’re ready to take your Marketing to the next level, Jessica has a crazy offer not to be missed!

Her Marketing Momentum Mastermind is group coaching with a (BIG!) difference. It's completely personalised to you! When you join Jessica Osborn's mastermind group, you'll get access to her best planning tools and templates, hours of detailed video training sessions and quick tutorials covering everything from brand messaging to pricing strategies, from Facebook advertising to email marketing and analytics. You can join for 12 months at 50% off until the end of September 2019! Use code BYBWC.

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Jessica Osborn Marketing Coach

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If you’re ready to scale, grab a copy of The Luxe Co. Branding Checklist. It’s an easy to follow, tick and act guide to help business owners keep their brand on point and on track to enable them to grow and scale effectively. Available here


If you’re ready to dive straight into an immersive experience, then check out The Luxe Co. here. They don't just "do" branding. They pride ourselves on their ability to find the unique difference between your business and your competitors.

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Numbers, systems and strategy


Eliza also has created a FREE tool for you that helps you examine sales, expenses and profit for your business’s top four products and services. A must have if you’re scaling and need to see which items are helping you achieve your goals and which may be hindering you.

As an additional gift for you Eliza has a copy of her e-book 5 tips for financial success. You can email her at eliza@breadbudgetingservices.com for access to both Goodie Bag gifts.

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2_Katie 300x300px2.jpg

Given that copy is one of Katie’s key services, she’s offering a free copy of her e-book, "Secrets of Successful Websites". Head over to her website  to grab your copy!

If you resonate with Katie’s video and:

  • see yourself scrambling for content for your website, your e-newsletter or your social channels

  • or perhaps you’re not sure where you're heading with your communications

then check out her strategy package  on her website here

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Two Sprouts Communications

Facebook and Instagram

Belinda has two amazing offers to share with you. The first is a free three part training series that shows you how to choose a launch strategy that works for AND break it down into simple, easy steps that you can implement. This is perfect for women who want to run small clients and batch their 1:1 client intake. No more being in sales mode and having to be on all the time.

If you’re ready to get serious then check out Belinda’s 4 month 1:1 VIP Foundations For Freedom package.


What can you expect to achieve?
- create and launch your VIP package, group program, course or membership
- set yourself up to leverage and scale your business
- improve your messaging and marketing
- learn bucket loads about launching - implement a clear and consistent strategy that works for you, your business and your busy schedule.

We have FUN and set you up with a business that works FOR YOU.

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Confused about what systems you actually need in your online business? Grab Laura’s free eBook 'Essential Systems for Online Business'. In it she explains what you need at each stage of business, as well as some of her fave tools to use. (hint: if Laura uses it, it must be good!)

If you’re ready for someone to just do it for you, then Laura is definitely the one! If you're confused about next steps for your business and would like some support to start systemising your business, then Laura invites you to book in for a free chat. You will discuss your specific needs and what support she can provide to assist you in reaching your business goals. You can contact Laura here.

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Laura in Order


If you’re keen to start working on your People Strategy, Empowered HR have an unbelievable offer for you! They are offering you a free one hour phone or Zoom consultation to discuss:

1. your People Strategy. If you would like to set your business up for success and growth, Empowered HR would like to support you in setting strong foundations.; or

2. Any HR issue keeping you awake at night.

Visit their website to book in your free consultation.

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Body Mind Spirit


Zoie has two amazing offers:


Free workshop:

So, you think you may have a copy writing problem and you’d love a tool that you can use to overcome this BUT you’ve already tried other tools, formats and structures, you name is, but it’s still not working. It’s STILL a challenge to articulate your message in a simple and concise way. And it feels hard.

Come along to my workshop. I’ll give you ANOTHER tool to use, but this one’s a bit outside the box and I’m not a copy writer. I’ll show you a tool that allows you to write messaging and attract ideal clients. 

This workshop is limited to 6 attendees and there may be a chance to have me find out what’s stopping YOU attracting your ideal clients. It is by no means compulsory to get in the hot seat either, so you can feel safe attending without doing that.

When: 11am 24th September 2019. Because or the nature of this, where I will be finding personal blocks for people, this wont be recorded, so you’ll have to attend live.

1:1 10 week signature package:

This package is designed to help you attract an abundance of ideal clients so you can not only have a sustainable business with consistent and predictable income, but have you working with your ideal clients that energise you and have you feeling fulfilled and validated.

The package consists of weekly sessions where I find and defuse blocks stopping you from confidently and quickly writing messaging with flow and ease. Messaging that’s authentic to you. Conveying your personality and attracting ideal clients through your actual offers. 

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Zoie Stevens Holistic Kinesiology

Facebook and Instagram


If Suzi’s message resonates with you (as I’m sure it will!) then she is giving you a beautiful gift to give yourself.

We all go through phases of life that knock us off our true path. The key to living an empowered life is to find our way back. 

At The Empowered Woman Retreat, you’ll be able to finally take time for yourself – stepping outside the whirlwind of life so you can just let everything go, and reconnect with what matters.

It’s time to trust ourselves again. To feel our power and to reach our potential. It all starts with that first step – join Suzi and other amazing women and learn the tools that can help you embrace and empower your life.

Our next retreat is happening on 1-3 Nov 2019 in Leura, Blue Mountains. Register here.  Save $200 off the retreat with the special code TEWRNOV19 until 5th Oct 2019. (N.B. Please note, a registration doesn't guarantee your spot.)

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Suzi Petrozzi

Facebook and Instagram

Sara is offering free access to her webinar that gives you her top three tips for building your stress resilience. You can access the webinar via this link.

And if you love what you see and hear (which I know you will!) she is gifting you $100 off her 8 module online Stress Resilience Program! This program gives you easy and simple tips to improve your ability to handle whatever comes your way by using of food, drink, sleep, movement, mindset and breath.


Lots of bonuses include a recipe booklet, helping you pick the right form of yoga, discount access to herbal teas and various handouts to help you implement the day to day tweaks to become stress resilient! It includes lifetime access so you can come back as often as you need to.

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Justine Whitfield is a mindset coach, energy healer, bodyworker and the creator of the program A Weight off Your Mind.

Today she is sharing her knowledge on natural therapies and how you can use them to balance your body and mind when your business is going through a period of growth.

To change our reality and create success it is about creating a balance in the four pillars of wellness which are our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. To create flow and success in your business it is essential that all four pillars are in alignment and balance.

Justine has two amazing offers for you:

  1. $150 discount for her program A Weight Off Your Mind – A 16 week VIP package designed to transform your relationship with food you will learn to love your body and empower your mind. Find out more here

  2. $30 discount for n personal, Zoom or Distance Healing sessions. Visit her website to book your session.

Watch the video here.


Justine Whitfield Wholistic Therapies

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