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#funfriday story

Once upon a mushroom, a tiny fairy floated above, gently fluttering her eyelashes at a speed faster than light. She saw a beautiful big rainbow and wondered whether her secret treasure was about to be revealed.

She had HUGE desire to live larger than life and wished it would become clearer how she could follow the grassy path to her ultimate health and wellness, a place of inner peace and enchantment. Then she heard singing and interpretive dancing.


It was spooky so she left and changed path to a dark dark dark dark secret magical cave where transformation happens. Starting from within slowly she awakened to find herself to the sweet covered in light and tinkle of bells submerged in splendor never seen before. The glistening of lights shining so bright from the whale majestic to see.

Then she farted. The sneaky kind.

On and on created a path to some subterranean world of wonder, where she found a big beautiful brightly shining crystal illuminated the path and buried in dirt. She was confused. Was it moving? Or was it merely pulsating with liquid hot magma dribbling down her bare curving white sword of death.

Glimmers in hand, poised to strike. And then it melted away. Stunned by betrayal and strangely mesmerized, she reached up with great determination where no one would ever suspect that she was magic fairy dust, showing the way was sprinkled everywhere to the waterfall. And she dived deep down below.

She saw a treasure chest, overflowing. I found it! It was glowing. My missing earring buried deep beneath the muddy pathway. I cannot believe the overwhelming sparkling, shining gem was still there! Oh lucky me, what a find. My treasured possession and my lovely eighties fishnet stockings, all hidden among the mossy alcove, hidden from view. Apparently not so.

Taking a deep breath to feel so grateful now. To be ‘present’ in my life. To share with now and always my love for moon and stars and everything beyond. But just then the moon rose, the loon called which reminded her. So she triumphed until she looked at her reflection, only to see something horrible crawling in the toilet.

The green creature reached out its massively oversized claw but surprisingly, it just tickled her. For a moment she felt relieved but pissed herself in her fishnets. “Well, what now?” she cried desperately! Having changed she sat down to munch on some hay because she didn’t like snails. It tasted like snails funnily enough.

Ugh she thought. Slippery little suckers. Slimy, yet satisfying.

Silvery moonshine flooded, woven with blessings. She began howling loudly at the horrendous after taste because being a HSP she smiled, tossing the shells ready for her magnificent soul filled heart, beamed goddess to LOVE her like no other. And then she dove deep down beneath her fishnets. But wait, no…..