Lead magnets (aka freebies or opt-ins) are a great way to build your email list. In fact, they’re really the only way to build your email list these days, as you will rarely find someone willing to hand over their email address without the promise of something in return.

Now, traditionally marketers would say that you need to create a lead magnet that appeals to the masses. This is so you can attract as many cold leads as possible to your sales funnel who you can then email and proceed to try and sell to. The problem with this is that either you end of creating something that doesn’t deliver on its hyped promise (resulting in a bad brand experience) or you attract people that aren’t aligned with you.

This approach may work for some, but I believe in taking a more connected approach, using the client journey. The idea is to meet your ideal client exactly where they in this moment and help them take one step forward in solving their problem. Here are my three tips on creating a great lead magnet to build your email list.

Speak to your Ideal Client

What are they thinking and feeling right now? What do they think their problem is? What can you do right now to help them with a quick win?

To be able to answer these questions successfully you need to be crystal clear with your ideal client avatar. It’s a waste of time if you try to create your lead magnet first, without understanding why you’re doing it.

I want you to also think about how your ideal client likes to consume their content. If they are busy mums who are overwhelmed in trying to run a business and family, then they probably aren’t going to have time for an hour long webinar.

Make it actionable

Whether it’s a video, audio or downloadable make it quick and make it actionable! A one page worksheet that moves your ideal client forward and gives them an ‘aha’ moment is a thousand times better than a 20 page ebook. You want your ideal client to download, action straight away and then gain some momentum. You want them to be thankful that they’ve found you, understand what their real problem is and then understand how you can help them with it. Which leads to my next point.

How does it lead into the service you provide?

There needs to be a logical connection between what your ideal client has just learnt or discovered and how you can help them go further in their transformation. If you’re a mindset coach, then creating a lead magnet that has ways to use essential oils to clean your home is probably a bit of a stretch (unless you promote oils to help with mindset . . .)

My lead magnet The Content Roadmap helps women understand what types of content that they should be creating at each stage of the client journey. This logically leads into any of my packages – I can help them craft a robust content strategy and action plan, create a lead magnet and related copy or build out their email automations.

So really, the creation of your lead magnet shouldn’t start with what type of content that you will create for them, but what do they really need right now? Remember, it may not be what you think they need! If you’d like to start building your email list with a quality lead magnet that is designed specifically with your ideal client in mind, then take a look at my Build Your List package or book a chat with me here. I’d love to help you take your business to the next level.

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