Writing a catchy title for your blogs is just as important as what you write. If it doesn’t address something that your ideal client needs or wants to hear, then you won’t even get eyes on your hard work.

A word of warning here – no one likes click bait headings. Whilst it is tempting to get the numbers to your website, you are going to do more damage to your brand in the long run. Yes, people will click on your link to read the article you have written (tick to Google that it’s interesting and useful to readers) but what will they find when they get there?

One of two things will happen:

  1. They will quickly realise that the content doesn’t relate to the heading and quickly go back to what they were doing (big cross to Google that it’s actually interesting and useful. Your bounce rate statistic will increase)

  2. They will never click on anything of yours ever again because they feel burnt and ripped off. This results in significant brand damage.

So how do you get someone to go from “Oh, that sounds like an interesting read” to “OMG I need to read this” whilst maintaining your credibility and authenticity?


Writing a blog title

There are lots of different ideas on how to write a successful blog title. Simple Google it and you’ll be given plenty of ideas! In my book, there’s no right or wrong way and I encourage you to use whatever method you most feel comfortable with.

From my perspective, I always try to include where possible:

  • One of my SEO keywords or themes of my business

  • A promise, or solution

Can you see how I’ve applied this method to my this blog? My SEO keyword is blog and the promise is without resorting to clickbait.

Tools for inspiration
  • Answer the public: type in your keyword or theme and you’ll be given a list of questions and related phrases that may just kickstart your brainstorming. This tool will help you with the front part of your blog title, but remember to add in a promise or solution as well.

  • Hubspot: This will give you some very broad ideas that are based on a keyword that you input. Once again you will need to come up with a promise or solution as well.

  • Blog About: A fun generator that will give you blog titles based on a keyword. This does give you some promise/solution ideas, but make sure that you refine it based on your knowledge of your ideal client.

If you’d like some guidance on what to write about in your blogs, you can follow the process outlined this blog. Remember, to always keep your ideal client at the forefront of your mind when creating content. It needs to meet them where they are in their journey and address a problem, solution or roadblock they are experiencing. The idea is to move them along in their journey with you so that they eventually buy from you.

If you need help with putting your ideas on paper, try this blog template which you can use as a tool to organise your thoughts, or as a way to start outsourcing the writing of your blogs.

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