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Ever wondered the secret of hiring the perfect team member? 

In this episode Mel Daniels speaks with Paula Maidens about building great teams. 

They cover the ‘what’ and ‘how’ in job descriptions to attract the right candidates, the common mistakes made during the hiring process, the importance of clarity in hiring, having correcting conversations with team members, and the need for clear communication to avoid assumptions.  

Paula emphasises starting the hiring process early and providing training and support for team members to ensure success. 

00:00 Welcome to the Powerful Content Podcast
00:59 Acknowledgement of Country 
01:31 Introducing Paula Maidens: The team building expert
03:11 The journey to empowering entrepreneurs
05:36 Overcoming hiring hesitations
12:12 Finding the right fit for your team
23:05 Avoiding common hiring mistakes
30:39 Final thoughts and superpower insights
31:47 Parting advice and how to work with Mel 

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