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Why You Should Outsource to an Aussie

August 23, 2016


It is well documented that you can hire outsourced labour at very cheap prices, as little as $6 per hour. Simply Google ‘virtual assistant’ and you will be presented with a long list of advertisements offering cheap services. But do you know where these people are located, or how their business operates?


Besides the benefit of ‘Australian Made’ when it comes to outsourcing your administrative functions, there are other advantages of paying higher rates and outsourcing within the country.


Same Time Zone


Australian Virtual Assistants operate on the same time as what you do. This means that any fine tuning of work or questions regarding projects can be attended to immediately. Many assistants work into the evening to enable them to meet family needs first, giving you additional flexibility to have work completed against tight deadlines.


Understanding Australian Businesses


In addition to supporting local businesses like yours, hiring an Australian means you are hiring someone who knows the nuances of our local market. This is particularly important when someone is dealing with your clients directly, or when dealing with important financial information that needs to conform with Australian regulations.




Australians work under the same regulations as what you do, assuring your privacy and security is maintained at all times.


So whilst at first glance it may seem like better financial sense to go offshore to hire for your administrative tasks or adhoc projects, you will be much better served engaging Australian assistance. In the end you will be confident that all your needs are being met in a regulated, secure and timely manner.

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