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Organising Your Workspace

September 20, 2016


People who know me would probably describe me as neat, tidy and organised. This might sound a little boring, but when it comes to business, it’s a blessing. I have a super tidy and organised workspace which helps me work efficiently.


Not everyone can be a neat freak. However, you may want to consider being a little more organised as there are numerous benefits such as:


Focus. Less clutter results in less distractions. This will enable you to concentrate on your work, rather than be preoccupied with your surroundings.


Reduced Stress. Clutter can cause overwhelm which increases our stress levels. An organised workspace oozes a sense of calm thus reducing the resulting stress.


Increased Productivity.  If all of your tools of trade are organised you will be able to find them more quickly. Also the sense of calm and focus will add to your increased productivity.


If you are finding that the overwhelm is creeping into your workspace, then try these five tips to help you get back in control.




Remove everything from your desk and then give it a good clean. Look at what you have just taken off the desk and sort it into three piles – recycle, donate and keep. Action the recycle pile immediately by throwing out or recycling where possible. Put the donation pile at the front door to take to the local charity shop when you next leave the house. Then deal with the keep pile. This may include filing or finding a new home for the item. Do not put it back on your desk!


Only the Necessities


Your desk should now only have a minimum number of items on it. This will include your computer, mouse, printer plus notepad and pen. At a stretch you may need a filing tray for items that need to be actioned. And maybe a cup of tea or coffee.


Close to Hand


Anything you need on a regular basis should be within arm’s length in shelves or drawers. Think folders, stationery and books. You are more likely to put things away if it’s within close proximity.


Paper or no Paper?


I say no paper! But that’s just me. In this digital age there really isn’t a need to keep pieces of paper. Things like receipts can be photographed and added to accounting apps, invoices are produced and received electronically and manuals can be found online. If you are storing information digitally just remember to stick to the organisation principles and file it immediately into an appropriately named folder on your computer.


Add Some Green


Being organised doesn’t mean boring! Add some interest to your workspace by hanging inspiring pictures, quotes or photos on the wall. I have my business moodboard created by The Luxe Co within eyesight. It makes me feel happy and has the added bonus of keeping me focused on using all the correct elements in my branding. If you have space, you might also like to add a plant on a shelf or wall. If you’re not a green thumb, try a cactus, a cool kokedama or trendy terrarium. Petite Plant has some fabulous ideas for green inspiration.


Being organised doesn’t come naturally to most people. By continually working at it you can ensure that you are the most productive person you can be. Start with your desk and see how it improves your productivity!

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