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Ten Minute Instagram Makeover

October 4, 2016


Instagram sits at the fourth most popular social media platform in Australia with approximately 5 million active users. It can be a powerful marketing tool and valuable addition to your social media assets if used in the right way. Take this ten minute challenge to spruce up your profile and start using Instagram more strategically.


Make it all Business


A tip for new players is to make sure that your business account is exactly that – a business account. By going into your settings and turning on ‘Switch to Business Profile’ you will have access to valuable insights on your account. Statistics can highlight the best time of day for you to post and which posts are resulting in higher engagement from your followers.


A business profile will also make it extremely easy for followers to contact you, as there is a contact button that now appears at the top of your profile.


#Hashtag It


Hashtags are used in business to help users discover and follow your business. There is conflicting advice as to how many hashtags you should use in a post. My opinion is use as many as you like, as long as they are relevant. A common practice used by many businesses is to put a list of hashtags in the first comment section of their post. This declutters the original photo’s description, but still targets potential followers.


What I can say about hashtags is to ensure that you create:

  1. A unique hashtag for your business

  2. Use hashtags that are relevant to your industry or are used by your potential clients

Whilst your more commonly used hashtags will automatically appear when you’re posting on Instagram, you should save your list for ready use in your phone. Then you can simply copy and paste the list into your post. You don’t want to be left scrambling for hashtag inspiration when you’re in the middle of posting an awesome photo.




This is a chance for you to shine in under 150 characters! It’s a great way to challenge yourself to succinctly and accurately describe what you do. Try to focus on the benefits of your business or product in your summary, not just the features of what you are selling.


Other Profile Sections


As mentioned previously, when you switch to a business profile a new contact button will appear for followers to be able to quickly and easily contact you. You will need to ensure that you have completed one or both of the email and phone numbers in the business contact information field.


Instagram will often choose your username for you, but consider changing this to align with your other social media profiles. You have a maximum of 30 characters, but shorter is often better. Your website address should also be completed as this appears as a clickable link in your profile. You can change this field to help promote special offers or links back to specific sections of your website.


Lastly don’t forget your profile photo. For most businesses this will simply be your logo. However if you are your business or you are looking for a more friendly approach, use a professional and engaging photo of yourself.


How did your Insta account rate against this checklist? Completing this quick makeover will ensure that you are presenting yourself professionally and consistently to the Instagram world.  If you are interested in increasing your knowledge of Instagram, head over to Girl Bosses Australia for events and workshops on how to make the most of your Instagram experience.

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