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Ten Minute Twitter Makeover

October 25, 2016


Twitter is an on-line micro-blogging platform with approximately 2.8 million active users in Australia. It’s a fast paced social platform that can be useful for businesses, especially when trying to connect with influential people in your industry.


To make sure you’re a tweeting success, use these five ideas to get the most out of the platform.


Business or personal?


Whether to choose a business or personal profile will depend on what you are trying to achieve. If you have employees who will be tweeting on behalf of your business, then a business profile would be preferable. If you are the face of the business and interested in building your personal brand in line with that of your business, then consider staying with a personal profile.


Update your profile


You have the opportunity to display two photos in your profile. The main one will appear next to your tweets and the other will appear in conjunction with the first when people view your profile. Consider standardising these across your social media platforms to create brand consistency.


Also make sure that you include your website or blog details in your profile. This is not part of the set-up wizard, so click on Edit profile to include this important detail.




Like Instagram, and to a lesser degree Facebook, Twitter uses hashtags to help users follow an event, topic or news article. As you only have 140 characters in your tweet, you need to be selective with your hashtags to ensure that they are relevant to what you are saying.


To try and reach a larger audience and gain new followers use relevant hashtags that a large number of people are already using. Write a list of hashtags that you could use in your phone's notes section and then simply copy and paste. To decide on relevant hashtags for your business, look at what hashtags clients, potential clients and competitors are using.


Remember, unique hashtags for your brand or event should be memorable and easily recalled by your audience.


Build your Following


Like all social media platforms, content needs to be engaging. Including a picture or graphic with your tweet will increase the likelihood of being read and re-tweeted.


Catch the eye of industry thought leaders by occasionally re-tweeting or commenting on their tweets. As a courtesy, also try to follow back people who follow you.




Consider a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer that you can utilise to schedule your tweets. The platform moves so quickly that you may find that you need to release a piece of information more than once. Scheduling stops the need to be constantly attached to your twitter feed.


How did your Twitter account rate against this checklist? Completing this quick makeover will ensure that you are presenting yourself professionally and consistently to the Twitter world.


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