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How to increase your productivity by waking up earlier

November 15, 2016


Do you fall into bed at the end of the day feeling absolutely exhausted? Besides running your own business, you probably have family obligations, responsibilities at home and a million things to organise dancing around inside your head. You may think this sounds counter-intuitive but the solution may be to get out of bed an hour earlier.


Productive quiet time


This is probably the most obvious reason to wake up earlier – to give yourself the opportunity to be productive. An uninterrupted hour in the morning for me equates to writing a short blog post, a week’s worth of social media scheduling or completing three detailed quotes. Even fifteen minutes gives me a head start on writing my action list for the day. That way when I sit down at my desk later, I can hit the ground running. This is far more productive for me than trying to complete these tasks during the day whilst dealing with clients or other fires throughout the day.


Important you time


In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with content ready to be consumed. Do you ever truly turn off all of this noise? This constant media consumption, mostly through mobile devices, actually adds to our feeling of exhaustion. Use an hour in the morning to do something just for you. It may be journal writing or meditation. If you give yourself permission to switch off, you will actually be gifting yourself extra energy to face the day.




An uninterrupted hour could mean that you have the time to be able to watch a webinar or listen to a podcast. It could be business related, or something for your personal benefit. Being inspired is a great way to uplift your spirits and give you more energy.


You may even commit an hour to studying. It doesn’t have to be an MBA, but committing to personal growth through study is a great way to create confidence and knowledge.


Exercise time


This is my favourite use of an extra hour. Twice a week I’m up early to go to a fabulous local sports clinic. I am not only energised by working out, but also by the positive attitudes and achievements of the instructors and other clients. Exercise gives you the adrenaline boost to get through even the hardest of days.


If you’re not into sharing sweat and small talk, consider a pilates or yoga class, even if it’s just at home.  Challenge yourself to start running or watch the sun rise on a brisk walk. You will be surprised how this can increase your energy levels as well as productivity. All great entrepreneurs use this exercise trick. They don’t work later, or harder. Just smarter.


The flip side of getting up earlier is that you may need to hit the sack earlier. But if you’ve already achieved more than you set out to do through increased energy and productivity levels, that doesn’t matter! Enjoy your deep sleep and you’ll be ready to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

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