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Ten minute LinkedIn makeover

November 29, 2016


LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world. In Australia alone we have over 8 million users. It is used by recruiters to find, vet and hire candidates. The platform is growing exponentially with LinkedIn claiming that two new professionals become members every second. With this large audience that could potentially make or break your career or business, it’s important to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward.


Create a captivating headline


Revisit your professional headline or title. Does it describe what you do, or is it just your job title? Aim your description at your prospects or target employers. Use your storytelling abilities to create a memorable and compelling headline. For example, “Motivational speaker and trainer specialising in tech start-ups”, “Photographer passionate about creating memories”, “Creative entrepreneur who designs unique clothing for children” 


Professional looking (current) headshot


It may have been a while since you updated your Linkedin profile so revisit your headshot. Ask yourself whether it looks professional (no party shots please!) and most importantly consider how current it is. Yes, most of us don’t like aging but it’s important for it to be a true reflection of who you are. Imagine how you would feel if you turned up to a meeting and the person didn’t look anything like their profile picture! You would form an instant opinion that they had something to hide or had a tendency to lie.


For a polished look which accurately reflects your personal brand, hire a professional photographer. If you are in Sydney, I thoroughly recommend Fancy Boy click click.


Customise your profile url


This is a great trick to consider, especially if you are your business. Consider making it the same as other social media platforms for consistency and ease of being found. You can customise your URL by going to your profile. Click on the cog next to your url and edit on the right hand side of the page. It needs to be between 5 and 30 and consist only of letters and numbers.


Update your groups


Groups are a great way to connect with like-minded people or potential clients. Use the discover option in manage groups to find some new groups to participate in.


Bonus Tip: Personalise your connection requests


Whilst this isn't technically a makeover tip, it is a great way to ensure maximum engagement when connecting with people. Instead of just clicking on Connect on LinkedIn’s suggestion pages which sends the recipient a request to connect, take the time to personalise your interaction. Search for the person’s profile page, click connect then update the note section. LinkedIn also now gives you the option of letting the recipient know how you are connected with them (friend, colleague, business etc).


How did your LinkedIn profile rate against this checklist? Completing this quick makeover will ensure that you are presenting yourself professionally and consistently to the LinkedIn world.

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