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5 tasks to outsource to Meld Business Services

March 14, 2017


Finding your perfect virtual assistant can be hard work. They need to be someone you can trust, someone who shares your vision and most importantly become an integral part of helping you to achieve your business goals.


If you know you need help, but not sure where to start, here are five different tasks that Meld Business Services can help you with.


Help you get organised – content scheduling


There is nothing worse than waking up to a blank social media canvas and having absolutely no idea what to post that day. Consistency and frequency is definitely the key when building your social media profiles.


Imagine not having to worry about sourcing articles, content or quotes for your business. I can create a content calendar for you and populate with content ideas. If this is still not enough I can source the content and schedule posts for the next month. How’s that for being organised?!


Get the word out - writing a newsletter


Have you been meaning to start communicating with your customers, but just don’t seem to get the time? Or perhaps you are sending your newsletter out,  but at inconsistent intervals.


I can create a template for you that is consistent with your brand that you can re-use. My Mailchimp package includes the template, one graphic to use on social media, populating up to 50 names into the mailing list and adding a signup tab on Facebook. If you still don’t have time to populate your template on a regular basis I can even write it for you!


Repurpose content - transcribing videos and more


We all know that the easiest way to keep ahead of the content game is to re-use what you create in as many different ways as possible. For example, a short how-to video can easily become a blog article, a checklist, an infographic, FAQs for your website or a series of Facebook tips.


After you have filmed your video (if you’re after a professional look, check out my friends at Pickford Media), hand it over so that I can transcribe the content for you. Once you have the words in writing you can adapt it into the different forms described above. If you think that your time could be better spent on other tasks, I can work my magic and transform it into the different content structures for you.


Show me the money – invoicing clients


In small business, this is one task that is most overlooked. Which is kind of crazy right, as we need the money! Clients are often willing to pay, it’s just that they aren’t billed in a timely manner and it goes to the bottom of their to-do list.


Make sure that you’re on top of charging clients and collecting the money that is owed to you. I can make sure your invoices are issued efficiently and remind clients when payment is due.


Presence – organising and creating social media profiles


What are your favourite social media platforms? Is it Facebook? Instagram? Or something lesser known? Whilst you may not be using all the platforms at the moment, there may come a time when you want to expand or even sell your business. I strongly suggest creating basic profiles on as many platforms as possible, simply to reserve the business name and more importantly, the handle.


Having the same handle across all platforms not only makes it easier for your customers to find you, it’s easier for you too! You can create graphics that have your handle and use it across all of your social media. No need to create a separate graphic for each platform!


If you don’t have time to research and create the handles and profiles, I can do this for you. I can also make sure that the profiles that you do have are well written and look appealing.


I hope this has given you some different ideas on how we can work together. Remember, outsourcing is most successful when you are prepared and ready; not when you’re inundated with work. If you are feel as though you may like to invest in outsourcing but not sure where to start, check out my new ‘My Outsource Workbook’. This handy resource takes you through five simple questions to help you identify tasks in your business that you can outsource.


Let me know what is on your list. I would love to work with you to help reduce the overwhelm, so you can start loving your business again!


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