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How a virtual assistant can help you with content marketing

November 14, 2017

Are you overwhelmed with constantly having to come up with content ideas for your website and social media channels? Fear no more! Here are 7 ways a virtual assistant can help you with your content marketing.


Create social media tiles or graphics


It’s a known fact that posts with photos or graphics get noticed more than those without. Finding the time to source photos that can be used


without infringing copyright, then turning these into eye catching graphics can be a huge drain on your valuable time. Virtual assistants are savvy helpers that can find you the perfect royalty free photo to use then add text or overlays to suit your brand and requirements.


Research relevant and timely articles for you to share


Whether you love to tweet or post, part of your strategy to promote yourself as an expert to your audience should be to share articles with them. But who has time for trawling the web for relevant and interesting articles? Your virtual assistant does! Bonus points if they can also provide the copy to go with it. You can even get your virtual assistant to schedule or post on your behalf (see below).


Write a blog


Depending on the skill level and experience, a virtual assistant can write your blogs for you. This has a number of advantages. Not only are you saving yourself time, but you can have a bank of blogs lined up and scheduled, ready to go. It is also helping your SEO by providing new content on your website.


Repurpose your blog


Whether they have written the blog themselves or not, a virtual assistant can weave their magic to produce more content for you! A blog can be turned into a myriad of other information – tips or tricks to use on social media, video (long form and short form, with or without you in it), vlog, podcast, Facebook group posts (eg Drop your tips days) or infographics. Watch out for the 7 tips I create from this blog!


Plan your content calendar


Once your virtual assistant has written, researched and designed for you, they can put this information into your content calendar. This will provide you with a clear view on themes and ensure that you are using and sharing your content to its full potential. Once your calendar is in place, it makes the next two points very easy for your virtual assistant to complete efficiently.


Schedule your Facebook posts


It’s one thing coming up with the ideas of what to post, but another actually finding the time to do it. Your virtual assistant can do this in a block of up to six months on Facebook. This is perfect if you want piece of mind that you have a baseline stream of posts. You can then add to them on an ad-hoc basis as events arise. As part of this task your virtual assistant can use Facebook analytics to ensure that you are posting at times when the majority of your audience are online.


Post for you on Instagram


Although many do it, it is against Instagram’s terms and conditions at this point in time to have an app schedule and post on your behalf. Therefore much of the Instagram leg work is making sure that you are online and posting at the peak time for your audience. Your virtual assistant can take this pain off your plate and post for you. All you need to do is have the image and copy ready to go (or your virtual assistant can do this for you as well!)


Using a virtual assistant to help you with your content marketing is a smart and efficient way for you to communicate with your audience. Most important, it will save you time to get on with doing the things that you enjoy the most.   

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