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Keep calm and Facebook on - a rant on the latest Facebook changes

January 17, 2018


Hooley Dooley! What a storm Mr Zuckerberg created last week with the announcement of his changes to Facebook. There has been extremes in opinions, and advice galore. Gnashing of teeth and wailing in the streets. I’ve got one message for you all. KEEP CALM! Here's a few of my thoughts on the issue.


Facebook Lives


Please do not clog up my newsfeed with your Facebook Lives, talking about, well nothing. First of all you need to be able to engage me within the first five seconds, otherwise I’m outta there. Secondly if I join your live late you need to have the camera STILL and have an interesting background. Bouncing on a trampoline or taking a stroll in the park does my head in. Also, your white bathroom wall just doesn’t cut it for me I’m afraid. I’ll tune out and so will your followers.


Above all, keep in mind the reason that Facebook will favour Lives – not because they are Lives, but because the content (usually) creates engagement. Don’t do it just for the hell of it. Do it because you’ve got something interesting to say that is of value to your audience.


Facebook is a business too


And guess what that means? They want to create a product that not only is the very best it can be for its consumers, but one that can create a sustainable financial return. It’s called strategy people.


Facebook has done it before, and will do it again.


What can you do?


Firstly, keep calm. It’s not the end of the world. Here’s some more ideas.


  • Create engaging content: Der. No brainer.

  • Build your email list: I have been saying forever and a day that it is not a good business strategy to rely solely on a platform owned by someone else. Build your email list. It’s yours and no-one else’s.

  • Have a fabulous website: This means great SEO and even better content that represents your brand.

  • Grab your biz besties: and COMMENT on their posts. Don’t just like it. Engage with thought.

  • Order your news feed: Did you know the best way to give the Facebook algorithm the middle finger is to sort your news feed by CHRONOLOGICAL order? I do it every time I log on. That way I don’t miss a single thing from all the businesses that I want to follow. Encourage your followers to do the same.

  • Get followers to: turn on notifications and to turn on ‘See First’ in their News Feed for your posts. These can both be done from the Following button on your page (now there’s an idea for a quality Facebook Live to do!).


Approach these changes as a challenge and opportunity. Find ways to adjust your strategy and create more meaningful content that people just won’t like, but make them stop and think and ponder and ENGAGE. After all, that's what puts the social in social media.

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