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How to keep your admin under control

February 13, 2018


Administration is a part of owning your own business. It’s unavoidable and a necessary evil. Whilst it may take up a large amount of your time and not produce any income for you, there are some ways to minimise the amount of time you spend on it.




Batching means doing the same tasks in a block. This means you get in the zone with the task and usually the repetition means that you can complete them quicker. Examples of batching could be invoicing your clients, recording expenses, writing content or scheduling Facebook posts (a personal favourite of mine!).


Don’t leave it to the last minute


This one is a little bit obvious but leaving administration work until the last minute not only increases your stress but makes it difficult to get in the zone. You are often past being resentful for having to complete it, so it becomes a slow and laborious task.


Set aside a time


Block out a time in your calendar on a regular basis so you have no excuses! Make thirty minutes every Monday morning your invoicing time, or an hour on Wednesday afternoon to schedule the next week’s worth of content. By forward planning you can avoid the last minute rush.


Have processes in place


Documenting your processes means that you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. It also means that you have something to refer to, especially if it is a task that you don’t do regularly. As an example, I write a blog every fortnight. Attached to the blog is a whole range of other tasks such as scheduling four times on Facebook, creating a video, finding an image and creating repurposed blog tips. To make sure I am as efficient as possible and don’t forget anything, I have these steps documented in Asana.


The other benefit of making sure you have processes in place is that it is easy to hand the task over to someone else. They can easily follow your instructions to ensure that it is completed as expected.


Streamline so you don't double handle


We often get caught up in purchasing or downloading the latest and greatest apps, with no real regard to how they interact with each other. Make sure your systems aren’t creating more work for you, by having to double handle your data. If you find yourself double handling, review your systems to see if there is a smarter way to work, or consider using workflow adaptors such as Zapier which are designed to save you time by automating tasks between systems.


Outsource to an expert


If none of this appeals to you, you can always phone a friend! Depending on the task you could enlist the help of a virtual assistant, book keeper, accountant or IT consultant. This makes sure that you’re on top of the little things in your business but creates more time for you to work on the bigger parts of your business that you love.


Try out a few of these tips and see if it makes a difference on staying on top of admin tasks in your business. If you feel you need help, check out my Let’s Get Started Package so you can start reclaiming more time for yourself. 

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