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6 ways a virtual assistant can help you with your social media

August 28, 2018


Many virtual assistants can perform a wide range of tasks, yet others like to specialise in a particular area. No matter whether you decide to work with a specialist or a generalist, you can use the following ideas to get them to help you with your social media. The list is sorted from the simplest to the most difficult so you can easily match the task to your needs and your virtual assistant’s ability.


1. Find content


If you’re not ready for a virtual assistant to create anything for you, get them to do the research! Find quotes related to your industry, memes or articles to share with your audience. Even searching for free stock images to use on your blog is helpful. Imagine the time you will save having that information at your fingertips! No more hours wasted searching and being distracted.


2. Create image/templates


Canva is such a universally used app that almost everyone has an account. This is the perfect place to start with your virtual assistant. You can get them to create a simple image, or set of images that you can use on social media. As an example you may have a set of quote templates that you can reuse. Or perhaps a choice of graphics that you could post to notify followers when a new blog has been released. A set of cute sayings for Instagram is also a great idea.


Top tip: you must have your brand colours, fonts and logo in order so that your virtual assistant can prepare material that looks like your brand.


3. Repurpose your blogs into tips


If you are a regular blogger then have your virtual assistant remove and record tips for you to use on your social media accounts or in Facebook Groups. As an example, each of the headings in this blog would represent a tip. If you feel comfortable, get them to create an image to go with it.


4. Schedule content


Once you feel comfortable with a virtual assistant doing the above tasks, then it’s time to move into the real time saving space. Taking information from the content calendar (whether created by you, them or a combination of both), they can schedule onto the various social media platforms.


There are a few things to note in this regard though. If you make your virtual assistant an admin on your Facebook page and you subsequently remove them, any future content that has been scheduled will be removed as well.


If you are unsure how long your business will be able to sustain a virtual assistant, then it would be best to use a third party scheduling app and add them as a user to your account. There are free ones available like Hootsuite, so don't be afraid to dive into the world of schedulers!


5. Create a content calendar


Time to really get organised! Depending where you are with your relationship and your business, a virtual assistant should be able to create the bare bones of a content calendar for you. This may be within an app you already use (like Asana) or may be a simple spreadsheet (like what I use!).


They can create the structure, add the types of content, source the content, create the content or all of the above!


6. Create content


Once a virtual assistant has a clear idea of your voice, your brand and your client avatar there is no reason why they can’t create the content for you as well. This is probably the last step in your virtual assistant social media relationship, but one to aspire to!


My biggest piece of advice is if you are uncertain, then start small! Get your virtual assistant to do one or two pieces of work, then check in with them. Once you both start feeling more comfortable with the work and how you communicate, then you can move onto more indepth work.


If you would like to know more about social media and ways a virtual assistant can help you, then drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

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