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How a virtual assistant can help with your blogs

October 23, 2018


Blogs are a great way for you to demonstrate your expertise in your niche. They also have a number of other benefits for you and your business. If you don’t have a regular blog, it’s time to get one going! Finding the time can be a difficult task (that’s the life of small biz owner!), so here’s some ideas on how you could employ the services of a virtual assistant to get your blog up and running.


Prepare a brief for a copywriter


If your virtual assistant doesn’t have copywriting experience, then you can get them to prepare your briefs to hand on to a copywriter. Most copywriters have a template for you, but if you need one, you can grab my free template here.


Brainstorm/research ideas for you


Half the battle with writing blogs is coming up with the ideas and titles! In an hour a virtual assistant should be able to come up with at least 25 ideas or titles for you. You will need to spend 10 minutes discussing the pillars of your business (eg your products, services, themes or outcomes), then your virtual assistant will be able to come up with some relevant topics for you. Bonus points if you get them to add it into your content calendar for you too!


Write it


Many virtual assistants have experience in writing. Unless you have a very distinctive writing style, a virtual assistant could write your blog for you. This type of service would likely be delivered as a package, rather than an hourly rate.


Find images and create graphics


Do you ever get lost in trying to find that perfect image to go with your blog? Get your virtual assistant to do it for you! Stop wasting time scrolling and start doing more of what you really love (and what brings you in the dollars).


On top of this, your virtual assistant can use the same image, or a pre made template to create a graphic to share on social media. Because remember, the more you share, the more traffic you will get to your website.


Upload to website / follow basic SEO


The blog has been written, but what now? Your virtual assistant can upload the blog and publish straight away, or schedule for publishing at a future date. A basic knowledge of SEO here is advantageous in choosing tags, alt text and other optimisation tools.


Schedule to social media


The next step to get your blog out into the world is to share it far and wide! Think Facebook Groups, your facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media sites that you frequent. I also pop it straight into my next monthly email, so it’s ready to send and I don’t forget to include it!


Your virtual assistant can make sure that it’s in your content calendar for you to share on relevant Facebook Group days, they can schedule it onto your Facebook page for you (several times – don’t just share once as not everyone will get to see it) or use a third party scheduling tool to schedule onto various social media platforms.


Blogs have lots of moving pieces – it’s not just about writing the article! Hiring a virtual assistant to work with you means that you can outsource some, or all of the process to ensure that you are maximising the reach and benefits of your blogs.


If you’re looking to outsource the writing of your blog, grab my free blog brief template or visit my packages page to find out ways that we could work together and get your blog happening more consistently.

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