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6 reasons I love Asana

March 26, 2019


Asana is a powerful workflow and project management tool. It is one of my go-to systems that I have open all day, every day, to help keep me on track. No more endless hours of social media scrolling (almost). Here are five reasons why I love Asana and why I think you should too.

All my work in one place


Having Asana allows me to concentrate my day on one system. I’m not checking calendars or spreadsheets or notepads to see what work needs to be completed. It is all in one place and easy to understand and prioritise my day’s work.


Calendar view


I love the way that you can view all of your tasks as a list each day. I can see exactly what is due today, but I can also see what I can get started on if I have a few spare minutes that may be due in the next couple of days. This is particularly beneficial to me as I’m both visual and organised!


Keep track of ideas


I use Asana as a way of keeping a record of ideas that pop into my head during the day. I even have a specific project set up called ‘Ideas’! This is then broken down into subheadings such as freebies, Facebook posts and webinars. This way they never get lost in the mountain of notebooks that I like to scribble in!


Never miss a step


Using Asana to document processes means that I never miss a step. I’m saving time as I’m not constantly reinventing the wheel and I can make sure that every single task related to a project is completed.


It’s also easy for me to create a process for a client and then simply copy this process to another client. I don’t need to spend hours thinking about all the steps involved and who needs to complete them as it’s already been documented for another client.


A great example of how I use Asana for processes is this is this blog! I have a reminder to write it and upload it. A couple of days beforehand a team member has a task to find me an image to go with it. Then after it’s uploaded, a social media and Pinterest graphic is created plus a ‘tip’ graphic with the text ready to publish on social media. PLUS I have a reminder to schedule the blog five times to Facebook.


If my brain had to remember this every time, something would be missed.


Allocate tasks to my team


This blog example is also a great way of highlighting how you can use it to interact with your team members, or people you outsource to (such as a virtual assistant). They know exactly when and what needs to be done as I can allocate them tasks on a recurring or one-off basis. Super time saver!


Consistency in Facebook groups


Another example of how I love to use it is to record all of the various ‘days’ in the Facebook Groups that I’m a part of. Want to know when the next #promo or #geniustip day is? Never fear, I have it all recorded. So, of an evening I will sit down, look at the calendar and know exactly what I need to post in each group. This helps keep me consistent.


I have the free version of Asana and it still has the ability to help me in all of these areas. Once my team grows a little more, I will definitely invest in the paid version for its advanced reporting and tracking of tasks allocated to other team members as well as the ability to create templates.


If you need help in mapping your processes so that you can get more organised and feel in control of your business again, drop us a line. We can take the ideas out of your head and into action!

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