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How a virtual assistant can help you scale your business

June 4, 2019


Scaling is a growth strategy that allows you to handle a greater volume of clients in a cost effective and sustainable way. Depending on the service you sell, this may mean introducing group programmes, online delivery, courses, creating standard packages or growing your team.


You know when you are ready to scale when you have more business than you can handle and price increases don’t tend to slow down demand.


From a mindset perspective, scaling is saying ‘yes’ to visibility and accepting the challenge that your business is ready to get bigger.


Even if you’re the biggest DIY junkie on earth, scaling is not a one-woman process. You will need to accept that you will need some help to get things done in this stage of your business life cycle. Working with a virtual assistant is one way that you can scale your business and still stay sane!


Time to focus on strategy


An extra pair of hands will give you some breathing space to be able to think like a CEO. What is your strategy through this period? How are you going to scale? What resources will you need? Having a virtual assistant to attend to the daily tasks that keep you IN the business will give you time to work ON your business.


Take away non-incoming producing tasks


When you’re scaling the aim is to significantly increase your client reach which will increase your income. Your time is much better spent on focusing on incoming producing tasks such as connecting with potential clients, being present and visible in Facebook Groups and preparing for your launch programme. A virtual assistant is much better placed to be scheduling your social media, writing blogs, creating content and seeing to the daily running of your business.


It also makes financial sense for you to be spending time on income producing activities. Think about your hourly rate and how much more economical it is to have a virtual assistant help you with your business.


Vital help in the launch process


Scaling usually involves a launch process, as you’ll need to promote your new ‘thing’ to the world! The launch beast can be as big or as small as you make it. Either way there is promotional graphics, creation of freebies, email marketing, landing pages, website updates, social media posts and promotion to organise. After agreeing on your project timeline, a virtual assistant can create and schedule all of these tasks for you, so you can concentrate on being present and visible throughout the process.


Bring your ideas to life


Whether it’s a freebie, challenge or webinar, a virtual assistant can make it happen for you. Perhaps it’s just a few tweaks to your website or a consistent Facebook presence.


Scaling is a time to get creative and discover the ways that your business can sustain increase clients and income. If you can dream it, a virtual assistant can do it!


Love your business again


Most importantly a virtual assistant will provide you support through the scaling process so that you can love your business again. Taking away the daily overwhelm and knowing that things are ticking along in the background is often all you need to lift the weight off your shoulders.


The time right before the decision to scale is often a tough one physically and mentally. Long days, longer evenings, not feeling present enough with family and friends are all symptoms of a business that is ready to scale or an owner being a prime candidate for burnout.


Let a virtual assistant into your business life and you’ll never be the same again!


If you are ready to scale your business, or feel like you’re on the brink of burnout, send me an email. I love chatting to likeminded business women who are ready to ditch the overwhelm and turn their business into a success!


Or if you're not sure where to start with outsourcing when you're ready to scale, grab a copy of my Outsource Workbook to help you create a list of tasks that are right for your business to outsource.

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