Before we dive into what I believe are the three key areas to focus on when growing your business, let’s get one thing straight.

Success does not necessarily equal ‘6 figures’ or ‘5K months’.

A successful business is one which allows you the degree of flexibility you desire, the income that you covet and the fulfilment that you seek. Success is a measurement that you need to place on what you do. So, then to build a business that is a success in your eyes, here are the three key areas that will determine whether you achieve it or not.

What you do

What is it that you’ve chosen to do? Is this meeting your flexibility, income and fulfilment? Or does it have the potential to do this?

If it’s not ticking these boxes now and doesn’t appear to be able to in the future, then it may be time to find something else to focus on. Because we all know that when we love what we do, on purpose and aligned with our values then beautiful things can happen!

This is not to say though that where you start is where you’ll finish. Five years ago, my business looked quite different to what it does today. As your life, purpose and direction changes, so will your business.

Who you serve

I know that you’ve heard it a thousand times before, but knowing your ideal client is pivotal to your success. It lays at the heart of everything you do – the offers you create, your message, your strategy and content creation.

Be super clear on the transformation you provide. What is that exact solution that overcomes their challenges? Knowing how to tap into what keeps them up at night and give them relief so that they can sleep soundly again is so important.

Completing an ideal client avatar can be quite time consuming and often tedious, so if you’re struggling to find the motivation to define your ideal client, download my free Un-boring Ideal Client Avatar Workbook here. You don’t need to answer thousands of questions and spend hours on crafting the perfect avatar.

Use the workbook to think about your ideal client in a whole new light and start focusing on them with everything you create to build your successful business.

Be yourself

Coming from a corporate background, I’ve found this the most difficult thing to do. I laugh when I think about my start-up self. I used to eye-roll the use of the word biz, cringe at posting a selfie and feel physically sick at the thought of doing a Facebook Live.

But now, my language is far more friendly, I’m more willing to share my story and I’m happy to turn up to do a Facebook Live (I still need notes though 😆)

This has come about because of personal growth. I’m more in tune with my purpose and values. I know why I turn up and serve my ideal client every day. I’m also very clear on my unique selling point as it’s connected to my purpose of teaching and empowering and my values of family and community. It’s based on creating relationships, rather than transactions and numbers.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. Look at the why, who and how of your business and it’s sure to be a success, however you choose to measure it. Don’t forget to grab a copy of The Un-boring Ideal Client Avatar Workbook and inject a bit of fun in your day!

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