Becoming a CEO with your content creation can be a challenging task. What with clients to serve, admin to attend to and well, life, it can be a struggle. But, if we’re to move away from the reactive, non-strategic hustle approach to our content, then we need to grant ourselves the space and time to be able to become the purposeful, visionary content creators that our business needs us to be.

So, here’s three ways that you can step into your CEO shoes and bring more ease to your content strategy and creation.

Create a content strategy

Let’s start at the top! A strategy is the overarching guide for your content. It outlines your objectives, ideal client, your client journey map and opportunities for growth.

Ideally you’ll write this once, and then revisit it every six months to make sure that it still makes sense to the direction of your business. A strategy will make sure:

  • Your results match your objectives
  • Highlight any areas of concern
  • Become the grounding for the types of content that you create at each stage of the client journey
  • Guides your tracking and measurement analytics

(Check out my strategy package here if you’d like to see how to become more purposeful with your content)

Make time

This is truly a game changer. It’s so easy to say ‘just make time’. But unless you take steps to make it happen, it’ll always be just a dream and you’ll be caught up in the day to day tasks in your business.

Recently I decided to set aside one whole day per month as a CEO Day. This gave me time to work on my goals, my vision, deep dive into my numbers and ensure that I was on track to meet all of my objectives.

This day worked so well that I’ve now implemented another CEO Day simply to focus on content creation and strategy.

I had talked about having a CEO Day for so long but never implemented it. Yet all it took was 5 minutes to schedule it into my calendar. If it’s in my calendar I know not to book anything else for that day and my automated booking system (I love Calendly) picks up that I’m unavailable so doesn’t let anyone schedule any time with me on those days.

It doesn’t need to be a whole day. Even a couple of hours a month to focus on you and what you want to achieve with your content will help. 

Get organised

A CEO isn’t involved in the day to day running of a business. Whilst it may not be possible for you to hire team members just yet, it definitely pays to be a visionary and be prepared for the day when you can outsource parts of your content strategy and creation.

Ways that you can get more organised with your content include:

  • Documenting your ideal client avatar (Grab my un-boring ideal client avatar here)
  • Loading your Brand Kit into Canva or having a brand board readily available that has your colours, fonts, logos and elements
  • Having a content calendar that you regularly update
  • Reimagining your focus content so that you can create micro content across your social media and other platforms
  • Write out your content creation process in simple steps

By implementing these three simple steps you can become more of CEO when it comes to your content creation. You’ll step away from the reactive, non-strategic hustle approach into one of more ease and flow.

If you’d like to know more about stepping into your CEO role in your content creation, then check out my monthly membership The Content Effect. Inside you’ll gain all the support you need to become more a confident content creator that knows exactly what to say to turn their ideal client into paying clients.

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