If you follow me on social media or are on my email list, you’ll already know that I’m all about making content creation easy. There is no such thing as a one size fits all content strategy. If you’re following people that say there is, ditch them from your life quick smart!

Besides the fact that every business has a different ideal client and operates in a different market, every business owner is different. What you are willing and capable of creating (either yourself or by outsourcing) is different to that of your biz bestie or even your biggest competitor.

This is why aligned content creation is so important for your business growth. It’s all about what feels right for you and your business. And when it feels right for you, your ideal client will feel that energy! Understanding the five pillars of content creation and how to use them effectively will help you produce content that you love and is on purpose.

1. Who – your ideal client

Every time I sit down to write a blog, email or social media post I’m thinking about my ideal client. I literally close my eyes and take a deep breath. She is there in the back of my mind, waiting to hear what I have to say. I imagine how she’ll feel after she finishes reading my content. Knowing what she is thinking and feeling right now is important for her to feel understood and heard. For me, it means that I create content that has purpose.

2. Why – the strategy

When you understand the purpose of your content, it becomes so much easier to create! You will feel empowered that you’re creating content that means something to your ideal client, where and when they need it. Having a content strategy in place will mean that you will no longer waste time on content that isn’t serving a purpose and will deepen your connection with your ideal client so they are closer to working with you.

3. What – the right type of content

Have you been told that you need to do videos and yet you loathe producing them? Or that you need to write at least two 1,000 word blogs every month, yet writing is your idea of torture? Or that to grow your business you must have a podcast but who’s got the time for this?

Not only do you need to make sure that the content that you are producing is what your ideal client likes, it needs to feel right for you to produce. If you’re pressuring yourself to produce in a certain format, then guess what? Your ideal client is going to pick up on that energy! Aligned content means focusing on, and utilising your strengths.

4. When – timing is everything

What is achievable in your life right now? Following an ‘expert’s’ recommendation of two posts a day or three blogs a month or weekly emails just because they say it’s the only way to get sales is crazy, if it’s simply not achievable. Yes, the more touchpoints your ideal client has with you, the quicker that you may get to sale, but producing such a high volume of content will quickly send you into #burnoutcity. To remain aligned, stick to your capabilities.

5. How – the platforms

What is easier for you to create? A blog? An email? Social media? Go with one or two methods of reaching your ideal client so you don’t feel overwhelmed with all the options available to you. Make sure that you’re focusing on the places your ideal client usually hangs out.

Aligned content creation is the key to your content strategy. By understanding your capabilities, vision and purpose you will find that your content becomes easier to produce, feels more in alignment with you and your business and most importantly grows your business.

To find out more about how an aligned content strategy can help you and your business, contact me here.

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