A content strategy is not just about how to post on social media. It’s a detailed process around the delivery and structure of all of your content, whether digital or physical. It’s also more than branding (which is super important by the way!) and forms an integral part of your overall business strategy.

Content strategy is not a difficult concept, however many of us approach it in the wrong way. We often:

  1. have no plan so approach our content creation and publication in a haphazard way. We struggle to come up with ideas and end up posting irrelevant content that is far from engaging, and then continue on this vicious cycle

  2. use content and social media platforms as a selling tool, rather than a connection tool

  3. change our messaging across our content, leaving us with an incohesive and inconsistent brand which ends up alienating our audience

You can avoid these common mistakes simply by ensuring you have the elements of a content strategy nailed and by understanding why it is important to your business.

Keeps you on track

A content strategy and subsequent plan will help you achieve your business goals. Whilst it’s one element of your overall business strategy, it help you stay focused and not be distracted by shiny object syndrome (too much!).

Consistent messaging and ‘vibe’

Imagine if a client found you on Facebook and felt like you could really provide solutions to their problems, but then clicked through to your website and was faced with different messaging, outdated information and inconsistent brand colours.

A strategy ensures that all content contact points are consistent across your digital and physical assets. If every piece of new content is created with your strategy at the forefront, then this disconnect should never happen.

Focuses on connection

A strategy helps you question the value of each piece of content. We often feel like we have to be on a constant wheel of creation to keep the social media and website beasts happy. This is not true. Content for content’s sake does not provide value to your ideal client.

And what happens when you’re not providing value to your ideal client? They switch off. You lose the connection. A potential opportunity for relationship building has been abruptly ended. Keep your eye on your strategy and it will help you determine whether you are providing value, and the right sort of value, to your ideal client.

Allows smooth growth

Once it’s time to scale your business and you need extra hands on deck to facilitate your expansion, a content strategy is going to keep all your new team members on the same page. Whether it’s updating your website, writing a blog or creating graphics for your social media, it will be easy for anyone to pick up and run whilst maintaining the cohesiveness across all the different types of content.

A content strategy should provide your business with the guidelines to consistent creation. It doesn’t have to be a super detailed document that outlines every single piece of information about creating content. It could be as simple as a few bullet points under a few headings, a vision board or one page description that’s kept handy at all times.

If you are struggling to create and systemise your content or find the process overwhelming, then join me for my Creating Content with Ease Webinar. You will gain valuable insights on how to use content to your advantage so you can get back to loving your business again.

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