An interesting question was posed recently in one of the many Facebook groups I frequent. It took me by surprise, and made me really stop and think about my answer. I even spent ten minutes googling words, their meanings and synonyms.

The question was ‘what is your theme or word of the year?’

There was a lot of your usual ‘intention’ and ‘authenticity’ type answers. But for me 2016 has taken me on such a steep learning curve that I really needed a word that was a verb. A doing word that would reflect how I would choose to react in 2017. It took me a while to find the perfect answer, but here it is – E M B R A C E.

Embrace the opportunities

I often let opportunities slide by as I don’t feel comfortable promoting myself. Kind of a problem as a soloist! I will be using ’embrace’ as a reminder to take every possible opportunity to let people know who I am and what I do.

This may be when talking to parents at my children’s schools, participating in Facebook groups, talking to people I’ve just met, writing for publications or being open to collaboration.

Embrace the learning process

Starting your own business is a minefield of new information! Every step whether big or small represents a win. Every rejection represents an opportunity to work out how to do it better. I will use embrace accept the opportunities for learning.

Embrace the evolution

Things don’t always have to go on the same trajectory as what they started. Ideas expand, services change and styles adapt. Embracing the potential for change will give me licence to be fluid and react faster to changing circumstances.


Embrace the challenges

I love a challenge, but only if I know I can succeed. This year I’m committing to taking on challenges that will take me out of my comfort zone, or push me beyond my own perceived capabilities. Using embrace will mean that I can tackle a potentially difficult situation from a positive starting point.

Embrace myself

I will be kind to myself. I will play to my strengths and accept that my measure of success is different to how others measure success. And that this is ok. My success doesn’t have to be big, bold and in your face. My success is quiet, balanced and worthy. Embracing this measure of success will mean less comparison to others and more celebration of personal wins.

It’s a hard task to some up a whole future year in one word. If you don’t have time to articulate your goals or intentions for the year, I recommend trying this exercise. Find a word that you can use to guide your actions and reactions during the year. It’s an easy way to check in on your intentions and ensure that you are living your life – whether personal or in business – the way in which you truly desire.

Embrace the challenge and let me know what you come up with!

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