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What is a virtual assistant?

January 11, 2017

A virtual assistant provides flexible assistance predominantly to small business owners. A virtual assistant will work with you from a remote location and provide assistance in a wide range of tasks or projects. Many will have an area of expertise and some can work with you on an ongoing basis.


The benefits of having a virtual assistant for your business are numerous but predominantly it provides the small business owner with flexibility, consistent service and frees you from the jobs you like the least, enabling you to focus on building your business.


So, what can a virtual assistant do? Your imagination really is the limit, but here are some ideas to get you thinking about how you could use a virtual assistant in your business.


Social Media


You could get a virtual assistant to create a content calendar to help you plan your social media and website content, then create that content using simple graphics or sourcing articles to share. A virtual assistant could even help you write a content strategy to enable you to articulate your goals and keep you on track.


Copy Writing


A virtual assistant could create or update a newsletter for you. They could write a few blog posts to keep you in front of the game or update the copy on your website. A virtual assistant could even design and create an appropriate opt-in for your website.




If there are processes in your business that need to be documented, then a virtual assistant may be able to help you with this. They can ensure that you are prepared and organised.




If you need to send letters to clients, these can be dictated and shared with your virtual assistant to transcribe. If you record videos, consider having the content transcribed for your website.




If the small but time consuming activities in your business are holding you back, then outsource them to your virtual assistant. This might include data cleansing, managing lists or maintaining databases and spreadsheets. A virtual assistant could also manage your inbox by dealing with sales enquiries or help get the size of your inbox back under control. You can read my article on Flying Solo for some tips to overcome online overwhelm.


Simple book keeping


Recording expenses, tracking invoices and payments, salaries to employees and organising superannuation payments are all tasks a virtual assistant can perform.




A virtual assistant can prepare and collate data from numerous sources. Depending on the skills of the virtual assistant they could also analyse, comment and recommend solutions. This data could be in the areas of human resources (pays, skills, superannuation of employees), social media (likes, shares, engagement of various platforms) or website (google analytics).


Organising and sourcing


If you have an event to host or attend, a virtual assistant can organise all the various aspects for you including logistics, sourcing items and invitations.


As you can see, a virtual assistant can do a wide range of tasks, and this is just the beginning! Think about the jobs that you don’t like to do, don’t have time for or that aren’t directly creating income for your business.


Before you engage a virtual assistant check out my questions to ask them here. Aerlie Wildy’s checklist is also another great resource to ensure that you are fully prepared. Being organised prior to engaging a virtual assistant will guarantee that your relationship is as smooth and successful as possible.


Best of luck finding your perfect virtual assistant and if you want more information on what we can achieve together, drop me a line or meet me on Facebook!


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