Qualities to look for in a virtual assistant

August 22, 2017


Finding the right outsourcing partners for you and your business can be a difficult process. A virtual assistant is no different. Not only do they need to be able to do the task at hand, but they can become a vital piece in your business’s success. And you don’t want to trust that success to just anyone.


Here are some tips to make sure that you find the virtual assistant the first time.


Similar values to you


This is undoubtedly the most important quality when looking for your perfect virtual assistant. There is no point in hiring a mum who values flexibility and time with family if you’re on a mission to conquer the world and demand constant availability from your virtual assistant. Similarly, if you value truth and honesty in your business then it is no point hiring someone who is more focused on sales at any cost.


Whilst in any relationship there is always compromise, matching your life and business values to your virtual assistant’s will ensure smooth communication and increased trust, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship.


Similar communication style


We all prefer to communicate in different ways. Some of us love a quick text message to get an answer on the spot, whilst others prefer to talk it out or to use email so that it can be parked and dealt with at a later stage.


Whatever your preference, aligning your styles will ensure that there is no miscommunication between you both. If you are unsure whether your styles are compatible, simply make your preferences know up front. A good virtual assistant should be adaptable and be able to communicate through different channels effectively.


Shows initiative


Initiative is a difficult quality to judge initially, as it’s usually something that becomes apparent over time. However, you should know fairly quickly whether your virtual assistant is going to be someone who simply completes your task satisfactorily, or whether they are going to become a vital part of your business. A great virtual assistant should provide suggestions on ways to improve parts of your business (particularly around processes) or provide added value through additional services that you may not have thought of.


Delivers on time


Time is money. If there is an expectation that work should be delivered by a certain date, then this should be strictly adhered to. If a deadline can’t be met then early communication should be sought to ensure that all parties are happy with the outcome.




Some of these qualities of a great virtual assistant may be hard to assess at the outset. If in doubt then seek feedback from their previous clients. Also check Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and reviews published on their websites.


Take your time to ensure that you find the right person the first time. There is nothing worse for you and your business than to spend time training and working with a virtual assistant to find that they don’t fit your personality, style or business.


You can read more information on the blog on working with a virtual assistant. Discover the best tools to use for efficiency with your virtual assistant; 5 jobs Meld can do for you and how to make sure your virtual assistant experience is a success.


To find the right tasks for your business to outsource, grab a free copy of my workbook – How to identify tasks to outsource.

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