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How a virtual assistant can help with automated emails

March 16, 2018


Automated emails are a great way to communicate with your audience. They can be used as part of your sales funnel, to welcome a new client or even for 5 day challenges. They provide you with a systematic and easy way to regularly communicate with someone, relative to how well they know you.


Despite the numerous benefits, setting up a sequence can be a time consuming and potentially mind boggling process! If you’ve been wanting to set one up but don’t have the time or the expertise, consider partnering with a virtual assistant to get it done. Here’s a few ideas on how they could help.


Create a branded template


The starting point of any email communication is to ensure that it looks like you. Creating a template means that you can reuse the same format, style and colours in every one of your emails which results in a cohesive branded sequence of emails.


Write them


A virtual assistant with copy writing experience will be able to convert your ideas into a succinct set of emails that communicate exactly what you are trying to get across to your audience. If you like to write the copy yourself, then hand it over to your virtual assistant so they can format the text into an attractive email for you.


Create headings and preview text


Sometimes the hardest part of email marketing is to come up with interesting and varied headings for your individual emails. A fresh perspective of someone outside your business is often helpful in crafting your ideal message. A virtual assistant often works with many different clients and has a broad range of experience that can be beneficial to your business.


Create graphics


Whether it is a placeholder for a video in your 5 day challenge or a clickable link for your blog, a virtual assistant can create, upload and insert appropriate graphics into your emails.


Set triggers and segmentation


Triggers and segmentation is where email automations really come to life. You can create separate sub-lists based on personal attributes, interests, whether they have opened previous emails as well as create customised timings of when emails are delivered. If you’re not into the technical side of your business, this is a perfect task to hand off to a virtual assistant.


Troubleshooter and cheerleader


Ever wished you had someone to deal with all the details, whilst you got on with what you love doing? A virtual assistant can handle enquiries from people not receiving 5 day challenge emails and make sure everything is running smoothly. Above all a virtual assistant can be your right hand person, supporter and greatest cheerleader in helping you get your message out into the world!


These are just some ideas to help you think about ways in which a virtual assistant could help you with your automated marketing. Visit the packages section of my website to find out how we could work together sorting out your email marketing.

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