9 ways a virtual assistant can help you with your launch

September 24, 2019


Are you introducing a new service or a new package? Or maybe revamping an old one? A great way to create interest and momentum for your new ‘thing’ is to go through a launch process. A launch doesn’t have to feel difficult and doesn’t have to aim for 6 figures. It can be what you want it to be.


No matter how big or small your plan is, you can always use some help to get it done. This will allow you to focus on the strategy, being present during the launch and most of all, have fun! Here are 9 ideas on how a virtual assistant can help you with your launch.


1. Create graphics


One way to create a professional look for your launch (even if you don’t feel it 😊) is to use consistent brand elements in your graphics. You’ll need these for promoting on social media, add into your website and email marketing.


2. Create a simple landing page


How are you launching? You’re likely to need a landing page to capture people’s interest. Landing pages can be created for your freebie, webinar, five day challenge or wait list. Having a landing page will then be able to feed into your various email lists and funnels so that the right people get the right messages from you!


3. Create and schedule for your promotional posts


You will need to tell the world about your new ‘thing’ and the most likely place is via social media. You’ll need some copy to go with the beautiful graphic collection you have going and then organise scheduling of them. Top tip: You can now use Creator Studio (Facebook’s native scheduler) to schedule both Facebook plus IGTV and feed posts for Instagram. Super easy to do them all at once!


4. Write / collate / schedule your email marketing


This is a big one and a step that many leave to the last minute. If you prefer to write the copy yourself, then go for it. But get a virtual assistant to put it into a template and schedule it for you. There are so many pieces of email marketing from thank yous for signing up to your webinar to five day challenges to promotions and reminders.


5. Collate information if you have a competition


Have you seen those emails if you’ve signed up for a webinar that ask you to like, comment, tag etc for entries into a competition? The primary reason for this is to drive the engagement and therefore the organic reach (which can then be used for Facebook Ads) of a post. It’s a great idea but you need someone to collate all the names and allocate entries based on the action they took. A virtual assistant can put together a spreadsheet for you to allow you to randomly draw a winner live on the webinar or in a Facebook Live.


6. Be your cheerleader


This may sound a little naff, but it always helps knowing that someone is watching your webinar live and can jump in to share any links if needed, or to start the ball rolling with questions if it’s a little quiet. They can help with tech issues and even help you get your message out into the world via their own networks!


7. Create your freebie


If you have an opt-in as part of your launch funnel a virtual assistant can make it look pretty for you, or even write it if they have those skills.


8. Write your blogs


If you have the ideas, but not the time or inclination, a virtual assistant can write launch related blogs for you. At the very least you could get them to upload it to your website, add SEO information, locate a suitable image, create copy and schedule to social media and create promotional graphics for you.


9. Field enquiries for your new thing


Low level enquiries like pricing, early bird cart closures, terms and conditions or easy FAQs can be handled by a virtual assistant. This can free up your time to have more one on one discussions with people ready to close the sale.


Make sure that you decide early in the launch process exactly which tasks you can outsource so that it’s not a mad rush at the end. You need the time and energy to sell your new ‘thing’. I hope that’s given you a few ideas on how you could utilise the services of a virtual assistant for your next launch.


If you need help with your next launch, feel free to send me an email or call me. I love to help women in business less frazzled, and more focused!

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