Outsourcing is such an important part of your business as you scale and grow. You’ll need to expand your team to avoid burnout as you increase the reach and performance of your business.

As part of the Build Your Business With Confidence video series I spoke about how to identify when it’s time to outsource and why you need to prepare for it now rather than later. Here are my 5 signs that it’s time for you to outsource.


Not enough hours in the day

If you’re finding that you are working late nights to get the work done, or waking early in the morning to be able to get through your emails, or you have a to-do list that never gets shorter, then it’s time to get some help! Not having enough hours may also manifest itself in missing out on spending time with family or friends.

Spending too much time on the little things

I want you to stop and think about whether the task at hand is making you money. Yes, it may be part of a bigger plan or strategy to help you eventually make money, but are you creating income at that moment? If the answer is no, then it’s time to outsource!

Bookkeeping, website maintenance, social media, graphic creation even blog writing are all potential candidates for outsourcing. Think of outsourcing these tasks as an investment in your business, rather than an expense.

You are no longer in love

Can you think back to when you started your business? You were so passionate and everything was so new and exciting! If you are finding fatigue or resentment starting to creep into your day, it’s likely that your to-do list is becoming overwhelming or that your missing out on other things in your life that you love. This fatigue and resentment then impacts your ability to perform well and decreases your desire to want to grow your business.

You could do the little things better

Late nights, fatigue and lack of interest can impact your ability to get things done! You may find errors creeping into your work or find that you’re simply outgrowing your expertise in certain areas. Outsourcing is about finding the right expert to complete the task in question to ensure that your business keeps moving forward.

You want more

As much as we like to believe that we can do everything, we really can’t. Not without burning out. Scaling your business requires reaching more clients in smarter ways. You may be able to handle the additional volume, but you will quickly find all the peripheral tasks falling behind.

Outsourcing will also give you the opportunity to move out of the ‘doing’ and into the strategy of your business. You will have the space and time to be able to think clearly about the direction you want to take with your business.

If you can see any of these signs starting to creep into your life, then it’s time to act now! Even if you can’t identify with them yet, download this workbook to help you identify the right tasks for you to outsource for your business.

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