​I strongly encourage my clients to have one piece of focus content for their business. That’s either a blog, podcast or video that you can reimagine into other pieces of smaller content across the platforms that you hang out on.

It’s such a huge timesaver and brain space saver too! But what do you do when you’re stuck for ideas for your focus content? Go back to your source themes – the very heart of your business. Here’s the four basic source themes you’ll need to inspire you into action for your next piece of focus content (or any content for that matter!)

What do you sell?

This may seem a little simple, but we can use the answer to this question describe:

  • What’s involved in your service
  • The components of your service or packages
  • Why it’s important
  • The benefits

I can describe what I sell broadly as content. Diving a little deeper it’s content strategy and content creation. Then if I want to go deeper, I can write about my packages and components such as lead magnets, blogs, social media and automated emails.

Who do I serve?

With this source of inspiration, you’re looking at who forms your target market. Very broadly, how can you describe them? By understanding who they are, you can think about what types of content they may like to consume outside of your zone of genius.

Remember, not every piece of content must be created by you! You can find guests willing to write or be interviewed for you or share content from others with a similar target market.

I can describe who I serve broadly as female entrepreneurs who are also usually mums in business. This means I could share content based on #mumlife (especially memes), work-life juggle or articles on growing your business.

Why do I sell to these people?

Think about the general benefits of your service. You don’t need to get too specific to start off with. It may incorporate your vision or purpose. The ideas you come up with here will once again not only help you with your content creation but inspire you to find and share content from others around these topics.

I sell to female entrepreneurs to empower them with strategies that help their confidence, grow their business past $5K months, uplift each other, lessen the burden of content creation and create time to work more in their zone of genius. The list could go on, but creating content around these topics not only provides value for my target market, but also allows them a sneak peak into my values and what I stand for.

What’s going on in my business or personal life that I could teach or share?

The answer to this topic could be particularly inspirational to your audience if you are going through something that they may go through in the future.

As an example, I recently rebranded and relaunched my website. This is something that’s of interest to my target market, so I created an interview video series with the people who helped make it happen. I’m about to create a course and launch it, so I’ll talk about that process as well.

Using these four source themes is only barely scratching the surface of possibilities, but it will give you that jolt of inspiration you’ll need if you’re stuck in a content creating rut.

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