Before we start, let’s get one thing straight – doing what you love doesn’t mean you won’t need to work hard, or that you will never be stressed. It just means you won’t resent it as much when you do need to spend a lot of time and energy on your project. It means that you will enjoy getting out of bed in the morning and facing whatever challenges are thrown your way. It means that you won’t be weighed down as much by the negativity of others. It means that the day will always be a little easier to get through.

Doing what you love can be achieved through your work or play.

Play – This can come in the form of a hobby or activity that you really enjoy. It is the easier of the two to achieve and you just need to find the time to fit it into your life. You may also need to invest in tools or resources to accomplish it. The rewards of doing a leisure activity that you love are numerous. They include benefits such as forming new social connections, increased happiness and new challenges for the brain.

Work – Finding work that you love can be more of a challenging task. If you are working for a large corporation you may have the opportunity to try different roles or use secondment as a way of finding a role you enjoy. If you know what it is that makes you leap out of bed at 6am with a smile on your face, then you have the option of going into business for yourself.

Making the Change

Mental – Think about what’s holding you back from accomplishing something that you love. Is it fear of failure? Perhaps financial security concerns? Try to tackle these worries by visualising or writing down all the positives that can come from doing what you love. Think about how you will feel once they are achieved. Find yourself a mentor or other professional to help you break through this mental wall.

Physical – Move from just thinking about what you want to actually doing it! Write a list of five things that would help you achieve your dream hobby or job. It may include doing an online course, spending an hour researching options, updating your CV or purchasing a new tool. Once you have your list grab your calendar and block out time to actually do it. It may be during your lunch hour, on the bus or after the children are in bed. Scheduling will decrease the likelihood of outside influences getting in your way.

Be Realistic

Many people believe that if you are doing something that you love then the money will follow. This is not always the case! If it involves a big commitment to change, then carefully consider the impact on yourself and those around you. Life won’t become pink unicorns dancing on rainbows either. There will be hard work, stress, disappointments and failures. It’s just that they will be easier to overcome if you are passionate about the task at hand.

People know when you are doing something that you love. You are a happier person, more receptive to new ideas and able to face life’s challenges head on. What is something that you love to do? Try committing to one change this week to move towards achieving this dream.

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