1,440. That’s the number of minutes in a day. When you look at 24 hours in this way, it seems like a lot of time for us to fill. But take away about 8 hours of sleep and already you’re down to 960 minutes. Take out an hour for getting ready, an hour for travelling to and from work and before you know it we’ve only got 840 minutes left!

A finite amount of time is one of the greatest challenges we all face. We all know that you can’t create more time in a day, so how can we get more stuff done? Here are a few ideas to help you out.


Getting someone else to help with the tasks that you need to complete in the day will free up your time. This may include hiring a cleaner or nanny to help with household duties, engaging the services of a handyman to fix all the little things around the house, or even delegating chores to the kids for a bit of pocket money! Whichever way you look at it, outsourcing is a great way to give you back more time to do the things that you love or are most productive doing.


Oh, how I love this word. Give me a calendar, scheduler or to-do list any day! There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off or deleting an item once complete. Organisation will ensure that you’re not wasting any valuable time on unproductive tasks.

Try writing tomorrow’s to-do list at the end of each day. That way you’re more likely to switch off plus it means you can hit the ground running the following day. Even packing the family’s lunches the night before will help alleviate your early morning rush.


Wouldn’t it be great to accomplish all the tasks on our to-do list every day? It would definitely give us back more time. If you’re not naturally a focused, productive person, then there are numerous tips, apps and methods to help you become more productive. Try the Pomodoro Method, taking regular breaks, minimise distractions in your workspace (turning off your phone or those social media notifications!).

Time management skills

This goes hand in hand with productivity. If you utilise your time wisely, you will have more time to spend on other tasks. Consider batch processing items (doing similar tasks together), such as content creation, content scheduling or even answering emails.

Put time on your side for a change. Implement a few small changes in your daily routine and discover the difference it could make to your day.

If you’re looking for help in freeing up more time in your business through outsourcing, drop me a line to have a chat. You might also like to download my free workbook – How to identify tasks to outsource.

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