Dare I say it – the holiday season is coming! Does that make you break out in a sweat trying to get your head around everything that needs to be done in the next six weeks?

Whether you’re looking at your marketing leading up to Christmas Day or preparing yourself and your business for a break, there are things you can do now to avoid the last minute rush. If you’re planning a holiday, here is 5 ideas to start getting yourself ready now whilst you have a little bit of time up your sleeve.


Engage a virtual assistant or casual staff

You will be thanking yourself in a couple of weeks if you get onto this now, before you hit the peak of your busy period. Bad decisions are often made under pressure. Hiring or researching your options now will give you the time and headspace to make the right decision.

Stalk some virtual assistants on Facebook or ask for recommendations. Whether contractual or casual, write up a job description so you can make sure that you’re hiring the absolute right person for the job. The added bonus is that your new team member will have very clear expectations from the outset as to what is required of them and can hit the road running.

Get Festive

Got ten minutes to spare? Create your holiday season graphics now. You can create a new Facebook profile picture, website banner or social media graphics. Having them up your sleeve to use when you need them will give you back so much time.


Update your final delivery dates, closure dates if you’re going away. You can also create a lightbox for your website if you’re running a sale up leading up to Christmas. You can leave it in draft until you’re ready to go live. Put together a checklist of the last minute details you will need to update (or grab my pre-prepared one here).

Automated emails

Make your email marketing platform work for you whilst you’re on a break. Automate as much as you possibly can. If you haven’t already set up a welcome series, do it now! Nurturing warm leads is one of the easiest things you can do on autopilot.

You can also get ahead of the game and write and schedule your next few emails so that you’re not rushing around at the last minute. It also means that you can have a REAL break from your business over the holiday period if they are scheduled ready to go.

Schedule your content

This is one of the easiest ways to get back more time in your life. Create a content calendar for the next two months (here’s one I prepared for you earlier) and schedule it! Or if you’re about to hire a virtual assistant to help you over this period, get them to do it for you.

Often the only way that we can avoid pressure of the holiday season is to get ahead of the game and plan. If you’re already overwhelmed and can’t see any possibility of this happening for you in the next couple of weeks, have a look at my special Holiday Content Package, designed to help you cope with this time of year by getting you ahead of the content game.

You’ll be sipping cocktails by the pool in no time!

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