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Have you ever felt you’ve got a message to get out into the world, but being multi-passionate you’re not sure where to start? Have you felt a deep calling within you that you have a purpose but that is not yet expressed?

You know you are passionate, have lots of great ideas and are self-driven to do amazing things with your unique strengths and gifts however you feel stuck and unsure how to make it happen. Or maybe you are already putting yourself out there at work, in your biz or even a relationship but you feel as if you are not being seen and heard, sometimes you feel that you are not visible.

We can feel stuck for a number of reasons – we are too busy, have no time, need more resources or have lost our confidence or purpose. Or not believing in ourselves nor being clear about what we want as we see another shiny object can all be a bit frustrating.

If we play small and don’t challenge ourselves or take risks, we don’t have to worry about what others think, disappointing them or pretending to be perfect. Many of us experience the fear of not doing what we love because it feels safer not to make change, to not put ourselves out there.

For me, being seen and heard isn’t just about standing up in front of an audience, but standing up for what you believe, in being a leader in your own life and being able to make a difference. You can be an introvert, an extrovert or an ambivert (both). This journey of change starts within, and it starts with a desire to do the things that you love.

During lockdown, and having time to reflect, we as a community are starting to acknowledge more and more what is important to us. We crave more being, more meaning and more joy, and to show up as our authentic selves. The more that we do the inner work, the more we can shine our light and become magnetic and visible in our outer world.

I’m still learning and growing what started as a passion project in between my second job and it takes courage to keep showing up to put yourself out there. And it’s this life experience, that I share with clients when we go on this journey together.

There have been times when I didn’t want to show up, to keep hidden and play small because I didn’t have the confidence or the courage to shine my light. I felt invisible that no-one would care what I have to offer.

What I do know however is that when we start to tune in to ourselves, our wisdom, listen to our heart’s whispers and step in to the person we have always desired to be, we connect to our authentic selves. We become leaders, persons of influence – within ourselves, our relationships, business, community, group or organisation.

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself to get clarity around becoming more visible, to take those steps to moving into the confidence you desire. If you like, get yourself some coloured pens and some paper. Make a cup of tea and give yourself the gift of time to connect to your inner self.

1. Get clear about what is important to you.

Look at each area of your life and ask yourself, “Where would l like to be more visible?” Rate the following from one – seven with one being the highest priority.

  • Love – Partner/Self-love/Self-care
  • Work/Own business/Study
  • Community/organisation/Volunteering
  • Family/Relationships
  • Finances/Money
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Spirituality/Deeper connection with self and intuition


2. Awareness around what needs to change

Now looking at the top three answers that you have identified ask yourself, “What is holding me back from making these changes?”

Being aware of what is holding you back brings it into awareness and offers you a pathway toward creating change.

3. Setting boundaries – the power of no

Considering your top three answers, where would you be prepared to say no so you can say yes to what you love?

As an empath, intuitive and a multi-passionate person who loves to do many things and feels everything deeply, having the confidence to be more visible has not been easy. My life journey has taken me along many paths but ultimately it has been about finding my voice, to have presence and to empower others to express what they desire in life. By gaining awareness, clarity and setting boundaries, you’ll be able to tap into your courage and become more visible in life and business.

If you’d like to know more about going from invisible to visible, then download my new eBook here.

Bio – Danielle Street transformation coach

Danielle Street is a transformation coach who empowers multi-passionate women to embrace their courage to make change and to take action, to find clarity, to develop confidence and empower them to go from feeling invisible to having presence, and ultimately resulting in finding their voice.

When working with clients, she guides them from uncertainty and lacking focus, together creating a roadmap to awaken a new way of thinking and feeling, letting go of limiting beliefs and to uncover their unique gifts.

She shares her years of business and wellbeing experience, strategies and tools including practical spirituality, the importance of mindfulness, self-care, setting boundaries, how to show up and be seen, and movement to name a few. She makes her clients feel safe, seen and heard and importantly, they have a few laughs too!

Danielle believes that the transformation starts from within and then radiates out allowing each woman’s true light to shine.

Email: hello@daniellestreet.com

Website: https://daniellestreet.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daniellestreetcoach/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielle.street/


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