Your content creator style has a huge impact on how you approach content creation. Yet, it’s something that’s never explored or taught when it comes to content strategy. Usually it’s ‘Here’s my method. You should do it this way’.

The problem with implementing someone else’s exact strategy is that it doesn’t quite fit. It’s like trying on clothes. It may be the right colour, the right size, but when you put it on it doesn’t quite sit right or feels too loose in some areas or worse still it’s just not flattering!

Content strategy is the same. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with content creation right now, take a step back and see if your strategy fits first. If it doesn’t, it’s not you that’s the problem, it’s your approach to your content strategy.

So, how can we fix this? When it comes to clothes we can either alter our bodies (not recommended BTW. You are beautiful as you are) or we can alter the clothes. Same with the strategy. Let’s not change the way you are, but rather alter the strategy to fit who you are.

And the way to do this is through understanding our Content Creator Style (you can take the quiz here). Once we know our style we can use our style strengths to our advantage. Here’s the four different styles. Can you see yourself in any of these?

The Precision Planner

You’ve got your to-do list and it feels good to cross things off. You either schedule your social media in advance or have a spreadsheet ready with every intention of getting ahead. You have a shelf dedicated to your lovely notebooks and you love to work in a tidy environment. You’re extremely disappointed when something doesn’t go to plan and a little hard on yourself when you don’t get to zero inbox by the end of the week.

The Collector

Clubhouse? You’re there! Pinterest? Absolutely! Instagram? Love it! There’s so many platforms that you love and so many strategies you could implement, how could you possibly choose one? The same goes for courses, freebies or the latest shiny object. You love to show up for your audience, but the energy levels are like a rollercoaster. One month you’re on fire, the next you’re curled up in a ball recovering.

The Free Spirit

You’re the opposite to the Precision Planner. You’d much rather be outside than at a tidy desk. You create your content when you feel ‘in flow’ and inspired and as a result what you create absolutely hits the mark with your audience on a deep level. It’s just that there’s not a lot of it and it leaves your audience a little confused sometimes. You’re a day-at-a-time kind of woman and happy to let things go when they don’t work out.

The Observer

You like to sit back and watch – see what others are doing and whether the way they implement their strategies actually work. You don’t have any planned marketing and clients tend to come to you from word of mouth. The content you create is good, ticks the boxes there’s just not a lot of it and you definitely never speak about yourself. You’re happy to scroll and watch from the sidelines rather than jump in and try something new.

So, which one are you?

When you know your content creator style, you can then work with your strengths and have the awareness of how to best use it with your content creation. When you take my quiz to Unlock Your Content Creator Style, not only will you find out which style you are, I’ll give you a run-down on how to use it to your advantage, the traps to look out for and how to take your content creator to the next level.

Give it a try and let me know if I managed to nail your content creator type!

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