Content overwhelm is a very real thing, and something that most people experience at some point in their business journey.

The need to constantly create, come up with new ideas, be organised, plan, schedule, have a strategy and speak to their ideal client can be difficult. I totally understand, as I was there once too.

However, there’s an easier way to create content and move to a space where you feel more flow and ease. By following these three tips, you’ll soon feel as though you have more space to breathe and more time to spend on the things you really love.

Embrace the client journey

The moment that you move from a transactional, numbers based traditional sales funnel to one built on relationships and connection, your whole approach to content marketing will shift.

The client journey takes your ideal client through five phases, from not knowing anything about you all the way to becoming a raving fan. Once you realise that there is a reason for your content – to move them through this journey – you’ll become more strategic and purposeful with your content creation.

Focusing on the relationship perspective will help you realise that you’re creating content to make that connection and nurture your ideal client until they become a client.

Know what type of content to create and when

Now you know the purpose for your content, you can tap into the exact types of content you need to create and know exactly when to introduce them to your ideal client. The Content Roadmap shows you exactly how to do this.

All you need to remember is to make sure that you’re touching each phase of the client journey with your content so that you’re continually moving people through the journey with you.

Use the power of reimagination

This is your secret weapon to creating more content in less time. By taking your core piece of content (that’s your blog, podcast or video) you can quickly and easily break it down into lots of smaller pieces of content that you can use in your social media or email marketing.

There’s SO much you can do and so many places you can put your content. Just remember to take into your time, energy and resources that you have available into consideration. Overstretch yourself and you’ll be back in the space of overwhelm.

By following these three tips you’ll become more on purpose, have to create less new content (and have more time) and be far more inspired with what you create.

If you’d like to learn more sustainable strategies to keep your content creation overwhelm at bay all whilst supported by a kick-ass community of women, then I’d love to invite you to join us in The Content Effect. A membership built for women just like you who are ready to reduce the content hustle and replace it with ease and flow. You can join us here.

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