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AI is a huge help for content creation, but how can you avoid being same-same? 

In this episode, Mel talks about the importance of infusing personal touch into content creation, especially in the technological era of AI creating increasingly generic content. By staying unique with your content to connect with your audience and humanise your business you’ll stand out and be remembered. She highlights the three key areas to include in your content: story-telling, possessing a clear message that matters, and thought-leadership development.  

  • 00:19 The impact of AI on content creation 
  • 01:09 The disconnection through device addiction 
  • 01:35 AI and social media 
  • 02:20 The importance of personal touch in AI generated content 
  • 04:13 The power of YOU-ness in content and how to use it to stand out 
  • 07:20 The impact of YOU-ness on engagement 
  • 08:17 Ways to bring more YOU-ness to your content 
  • 08:20 The power of storytelling 
  • 10:55 Having a Message that Matters 
  • 12:58 The importance of thought leadership 
  • 14:23 Conclusion: The three key elements to stand out

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