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How long have you been in business? Whether it’s one month or 10 years, there’s one certainty. It’s a learning curve! 

In this episode of the Powerful Content Podcast, Mel Daniels shares personal and valuable insights from her eight-year business journey. Addressing topics like overcoming imposter syndrome, the importance of community, and embracing your true self, Mel provides practical advice aimed at helping entrepreneurs navigate their own paths.  

Mel covers eight key lessons including niching, the merits of seeking help early, recognising one’s worth, and understanding that different phases in life are just seasons. 

Mel highlights the significance of authenticity, the reality behind social media, tackling imposter syndrome, and the power of collective impact. She also offers a bonus lesson about being open to future changes.  

Listen in as Mel shares from the heart. 

00:00 Introduction: The reality of business
00:39 Welcome to The Powerful Content Podcast
01:58 Celebrating eight years in business
02:28 The journey from virtual assistant to content strategist
04:12 Lesson 1: Niching is not forever
06:06 Lesson 2: Get help before you’re ready
07:23 Lesson 3: You are worthy
08:56 Lesson 4: It’s a season
10:21 Lesson 5: Be more you
11:43 Lesson 6: Socials aren’t real life
12:45 Lesson 7: You can do the thing
14:20 Lesson 8: It’s about the we as much as the me
15:37 Bonus lesson: Stay open and curious
17:38 Conclusion: Embrace the power of your content 

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