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Do you find goal setting difficult to do? 

In episode 107 of the Powerful Content Podcast, Mel Daniels speaks with Sara Mayer, a goal-setting expert and the owner of Sara Mayer Consulting.  Sara shares insights on how to manage hectic schedules and convert them into manageable tasks, emphasising the importance of setting and achieving personal and business goals. They discuss the significance of reflection, the role of measurable goals, and strategies for embedding these goals into daily life to ensure progress.  

Sara also introduces the concept of ‘The Gap and the Gain’ for assessing achievement and introduces a structured approach to goal setting that shifts focus from result-oriented to process-oriented objectives.  If you’re ready to crush your bold goals, then this is the episode for you! 

00:00 Welcome to the Powerful Content Podcast with Sara Mayer
02:16 Celebrating Achievements and Setting New Goals
02:25 The Importance of Goal Setting in Life and Business
04:05 Identifying Symptoms of Living Without Purpose
06:08 Reflecting on Past Achievements and Setting Future Goals
08:33 Breaking Down the Reflection Process for Effective Goal Setting
16:14 Measuring Success: The Gap and the Gain
21:34 Actionable Steps Towards Achieving Your Goals
23:49 Sarah Mayer’s Superpower: Making the Impossible Possible 

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My Weekly reflection worksheet https://www.saramayer.com/free-tools-and-resources 

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