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Do you use The Power of Content to your advantage? 

In this episode Mel Daniels delves into the definition of powerful content, highlighting its human-centric nature over AI-driven content and emphasising content creation from a balanced perspective that accounts for both the creator and the audience.  

The episode further explores a simple framework consisting of five stages: connect, align, become, impact, and inspire, aiming to guide listeners in becoming powerful content creators.  

Mel invites her audience to participate in a quiz to discern their place in the content creation journey, offering insights into improving their strategy and effectively communicating their unique message to the world. 

00:00 Welcome to the powerful content podcast
00:59 Acknowledgement of Country
01:25 Introducing The Power of Content book
02:58 Understanding what powerful content looks like
09:04 The 5 stages to becoming a powerful content creator
17:13 How to work with Mel and wrap-up 

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  • Episode 3 – Why sales funnels suck

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