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The Power of Content is Mel Daniels’ new book and in this episode she takes you behind the scenes and features five women who were influential in her own business journey as well as the process of writing the book.

In the episode Mel covers the importance of business friendships, redefining your content marketing language to be more heart-centred, the role of purpose and energy in content creation and insights into the book structure and design.

When you embrace your unique self in your own business journey, anything is possible. Listen in to learn more about the book and the people who made it possible.

01:23    Behind the scenes: influential women in business
02:34    The importance of biz buddies in entrepreneurship
05:55    Redefining marketing terms with heart
09:17    Purpose and energy in content creation
12:52     The impact of branding and design on your business
16:54    The role of structure in writing and content creation
19:02    How to buy a copy of the power of content

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The Power of Content

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