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In episode 101 of the Powerful Content Podcast, host Mel Daniels speaks with Steph Gobrael, founder of S38 Business Management, on the importance of achieving a work-life balance to enhance productivity and personal satisfaction.  

They discuss Steph’s transition from the corporate field to entrepreneurship prompted by her desire to spend quality time with her family.  

Steph also shares her strategy on planning, practicing self-care, and constantly stepping out of her comfort zone as the key aspects of success. 

  • 00:08 Introduction to the Powerful Content Podcast 
  • 00:59 Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians 
  • 01:23 Introducing Guest: Steph Gobrael 
  • 01:44 Steph’s Journey to Business Success 
  • 02:34 Steph’s Role as an Online Business Manager 
  • 04:59 Steph’s Personal Growth in Business 
  • 06:20 The Importance of Self-Worth in Business 
  • 08:50 The Role of Confidence in Business Success 
  • 12:05 Balancing Business and Personal Life 
  • 15:38 The Importance of Self-Care in Business 
  • 22:54 Business Foundation Health Check 
  • 24:08 The Importance of Community in Business 
  • 25:42 Steph’s Superpower and Final Words 
  • 26:49 Conclusion and How to Connect

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Business Foundations Health Check Quiz: https://s38businessmanagement.com.au/freebies/ 

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