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Is the thought of implementing systems in your business overwhelming? Just knowing where to start could be the key to momentum. 

In episode 119 of The Powerful Content Podcast, host Mel Daniels speaks with Kelsey Silver, the Neurospicy CEO, to discuss sustainable business practices for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. The episode covers the importance of starting slow and building effective systems, debunking misconceptions about systems and automation, and how to tailor operating procedures to different energy levels.  

 Kelsey shares practical tips and her unique insights on creating systems that align with one’s personal and business needs. 

 Tune in to learn how to transform your business approach and support your unique strengths and operational style.  

00:00 Introduction to The Powerful Content Podcast
00:58 Acknowledgement of Country 
01:21 Meet Kelsey Silver: The Neurospicy CEO
03:52 Kelsey’s journey: from therapy to business systems
06:44 Understanding neurodivergence
09:31 The chainmail analogy for business systems
10:47 Practical steps to implementing systems
27:17 The importance of flexibility in systems
29:15 Finding and fixing operational roadblocks
31:09 Conclusion and final thoughts 

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