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Do you wish that you could create a content strategy that’s both sustainable and actionable? 

In episode 102 of the Powerful Content Podcast, Mel talks about the importance of a content strategy for a business.  

This episode isn’t about the ‘shoulds’ when it comes to content creation, but rather how you can implement a strategy that feels good and one that you’ll actually use! 

Mel covers: 

What a strategy is, and what it isn’t 

Unpopular opinion: 4 reasons why you don’t need to START with a strategy 

The 5 things to keep in mind when crafting a sustainable and connective content strategy 

  • 00:00 Introduction and Podcast Competition 
  • 01:19 Understanding Content Strategy vs Tactics 
  • 03:10 Why You Don’t Always Need to Lead with Strategy 
  • 06:18 How to Craft a Useful Content Strategy 
  • 07:15 Tips for Creating a Strategy You’ll Actually Use 
  • 10:15 Conclusion and How to Get More Help

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