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This discussion about inclusivity with Louise O’Reilly gives us strategies to overcome unconscious bias.  Louise shares her expertise and personal experiences, emphasising the importance of acknowledging different cultures and perspectives to create an inclusive business environment.  We discuss strategies to foster inclusivity in content and the necessity of viewing inclusivity as an integral business practice rather than an add-on or secondary aspect. Louise also shares her perspective on ‘allyship’, acknowledging privilege, and her superpower to voice out stories marking the first generation where those outside her community willingly listen and are ready for change. 

00:08 Introduction to the Powerful Content Podcast
00:59 Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians
01:22 Introducing Guest Speaker: Louise O’Reilly
03:14 Understanding Allyship
06:01 The Importance of Inclusivity in Business
10:10 Creating a Welcoming and Safe Space in Business
15:56 The Role of Intention and Work in Inclusivity
19:26 The Impact of Individual Actions in Inclusivity
22:53 The Power of Inclusion and Conscious Leadership
23:42 Embracing Imperfection and Taking Action
24:28 Overcoming Sadness and Embracing Community
25:13 Transforming Negative Emotions into Positive Change
27:18 Understanding and Acknowledging Privilege
30:53 Creating Inclusive Content
35:37 The Power of Diverse Perspectives
39:01 Final Thoughts and Parting Words  

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