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We’ve all been conditioned, either directly or indirectly to believe certain things in our life. And when it comes to money and wealth creation (especially for women), those beliefs are often more ingrained than we realise. 

In this week’s episode I talk with Julia Scott, intuitive money mindset and finance expert about how we can identify these limiting beliefs, or money blocks, to achieve greater wealth in our lives. 

She emphasises the distinction between being rich and being wealthy, advocating for wealth as a means to offer more choices and opportunities to support others. Listen in for practical advice on overcoming money blocks and setting ambitious financial goals.  

You can take Julia’s money personality quiz to understand your money strengths and understand the role of your surroundings in financial success.  

Julia’s key message is that money amplifies who you are, and by aligning mindset and surroundings with financial knowledge, women can achieve lasting wealth. 

00:00 Welcome to The Powerful Content Podcast
00:59 Acknowledgement of Country
01:17 Introducing Julia Scott: Money Mindset and Finance Expert
02:25 Julia’s journey: from accountant to empowering women financially
04:19 The importance of money mindset over knowledge
04:46 Addressing women’s financial confidence and history
08:06 Combining finance expertise with feng shui and mindset
20:41 Understanding money blocks and how to overcome them
28:02 The difference between being rich and being wealthy
33:17 Final thoughts 

Where to find Julia 

  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/loveluckwealth  
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/loveluckwealth 
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/julia-scott-llw/ 
  • Web: www.loveluckwealth.com

Links mentioned in this podcast 

  • Discover your money personality, your financial blocks and strengths with this free quiz.

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