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You’ve probably heard the word a thousand times, but what does empowerment REALLY mean? 

In today’s episode, Mel Daniels speaks with Suzi Petrozzi, clinical psychologist, empowerment coach and women’s leadership mentor about the importance of intuitive understanding and self-acceptance in personal growth. 

She breaks down her 5Ps of empowerment and explains how these principles can guide you to reconnect with your true self and navigate life’s challenges. 

Suzi shares her journey from growing up between Australia and Croatia to her passion for helping women through mentorship, online courses, and retreats. The conversation delves into the concept of empowerment, exploring the five key principles: presence, power, purpose, potential, and possibilities.  

Suzi discusses the importance of reconnecting with oneself, the role of acceptance and self-care, and how to harness inner power for personal growth. The episode also highlights practical advice for integrating these principles into daily life, making it an insightful conversation for anyone looking to understand and embrace empowerment in their life and business. 

00:00 Welcome to the Powerful Content Podcast
00:59 Acknowledgement to Country
01:23 Introducing Suzi Petrozzi: empowerment coach and mentor
02:41 Suzi’s journey to empowerment and psychology
09:54 Exploring the essence of empowerment
13:53 The 5 Ps of Empowerment: Presence, Power, Purpose, Potential, Possibilities
34:28 Unpacking the power of self-talk and inner knowing
37:12 Final thoughts and ways to connect  

Where to find Suzi 

  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suzipetrozzi/ 
  • Website: www.suzipetrozzi.com and www.bodymindcentral.com.au 
  • Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/suzi-petrozzi-23403958/

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